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You can also browser the web for multimedia elements. This is a less expensive and less time consuming option but you may not find exactly ehat you want. Although tons of multimedia elements are available on the web they are likely to be inappropriate or not in the asking these questions:

Does the multimedia element add content that I cannot otherwise provide? Thought this article, we point out that you can find multimedia elements on the web. Remember however that most of what you find is not available for public use. Before you take a file and use it your own be sure that it’s clearly labeled if ‘s not you can assume that it’s not or you to take and use.

Considering multimedia usability:- Before you commit to full multimedia enhanced pages-or even to a single animation gif on home page consider carefully what including multimedia will do to your site’s usability. Web site usability: a designer’s guide by spool et al published by user interface about the usability o pages that incorporate multimedia elements. These authors conclude that animation makes it considerably harder for users.

And support that finding with observationally research in which web site visitors tried to scroll the page to move the animation out o sight and when that failed they used their hands to cover up the distracting effects. Although some sites were more problematic than other and other studies show that animation are mire effective than static images in advertisements. You site might not bent from any of these effects.

Using animated gifs:- Perhaps the easiest multimedia elements to include is an animated gif which is a file that more or less includes a bunch of images stated thou ether to give the nuclide of movement. Animated gif are similar to those little cartoon booklets you had as a kid. When you quickly whirred through the page the carton seemed to move. Of course the illusion of movement was nothing more than she individual cartoon drawing being slightly direr. Animated gif work the same way. The uses for animated GIF vary considerably from flashing commercial messages to elaborate mini moves to small bullets or arrows that appear to grew or move. if you’re interested in developing your open animated GIFs,we recommend software such as Jack’s Animation shop for window or combine or IF builder for the McIntosh.

These packages provide the tools o combing individual image into an animation GIF. You can develop individual images with any software that can create GIF image, including Photoshop and paint shop pro. Developing an animation GIF often elks more time and effort hand you expect. The process can –become tedious especially if you are working with longer animation or animations in which the illusion o smooth needed. The first step is to generate the including image that will eventually be each panel within the animation GIF. For basic animated bullet that appears to move from let to right. the easiest way to get smooth animation is to create a single image select the object that chine or moves it into each successive position and then save the image.

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