The Circle Of Friendship
Sunny • on 11 years ago • 2 min read

The Circle of Friendship

We Meet on-line to have a good time... We laugh and we giggle and smile at our screen, We sit back and wonder what this could all mean !

We surf the Web, we travel afar, We span thousands of mile without a car. We watch conversations flowing on the screen, We tell jokes and stories and know what they mean.

What are we looking for ? Where's the attraction ? How can we do this and get satisfaction ? Who are we ? Why are we here ?

We are " the Circle of Friend ", made from a chain. And we're here because friendship is what we gain ! Born on-line formed by few, We had no idea just what to do.

So we are linking our pages, first one then two, And wonder where we'll end up when we are through ? The Circle will spread, like a wild vine, It will breathe and whisper like the winds of time.

We are the Circle of Friends, made from a chain, All of our motives are exactly the same. Searching for friendships all over the lands, Linking our pages is like holding hands.

We are 'the Circle of Friends', made from a chain, A chain of cable and wire without an end.


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  • Guest 11 years ago

    Hi Sandeep, think you are a man of friendship. Having a bunch of friends is like having everything. If you have good friends you can attain anything in this world. They can guide you through your life if you are down with some thing, make smile while you are at pain. I congratulate your nice piece of work.

    ======================= Jack Wide Circles