The Clash Between The CPM & CPI On Telangana Issue
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The Clash Between The CPM & CPI On Telangana Issue

The Telangana issue has caused not only people from different regions to become enemies but now a days the CPM and the CPI too are not seeing eye to eye on the Telangana issue. CPM may have rejected the idea of Telangana, but CPI is crusading for it. Within two days of Big Brother extracting an assurance from the prime minister that bifurcation of states will only be done with political consensus, CPI asked the Congress leadership to move ahead with the formation of Telangana.

CPI’s national council adopted a resolution supporting Telangana at its three-day meeting which ended on Tuesday in Bangalore. Blaming Congress for the situation in Andhra Pradesh, CPI said the party should rein in its leaders in the state.

However, CPM, which fears that echoes for statehood would grow louder in its own backyard in West Bengal if Telangana came into being, is totally opposed to bifurcation of states.

The Telangana issue has already inflamed the Gorkhaland demand. Chief minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee’s meeting with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Saturday was reassuring for CPM, which is facing demands for creation of Kamtapur and Greater Coochbehar besides Gorkhaland.

While CPI has opposed formation of Gorkhaland, it decided to back Telangana during the Hyderabad Party Congress last year.

“The Congress leadership which thought of claiming exclusive credit for creating Telangana and to score over other parties tried to short circuit the entire process. A much delayed response to the demand for Telangana was made into a hasty midnight announcement,” the CPI’s resolution said.

It also alleged that Congress leaders in the state were whipping up sentiments for and against Telangana like some other parties. CPI said the Congress leadership was taking a step back after stirring passions.

“The Congress leadership must stop this game. It must control and discipline its party leaders in both parts of the state. It must take the decision for formation of Telangana state and bring a unified resolution in the assembly so that there is a consensus and the splitting of the state takes place in a brotherly spirit,” the resolution said.

Both CPM and CPI are opposed to any move to constitute a Second State Reorganisation Committee saying it will open a pandora’s box by encouraging demands for splitting of states from various parts of the country.

"The formation of SRC will only be a step to postpone the decision on Telangana and an attempt to get Congress out of the mess which the party itself created," CPI general secretary A B Bardhan told reporters in Bangalore on Wednesday.



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