The Ins And Outs Of Talking Dirty During Sex
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Some couples are a little shy when it comes to talking dirty during sex . If you want to spice up your sex life talking dirty is a great way to do it! Many couples use the dirty talk as a form of foreplay and why not try it out during sex?

Talking dirty can be as clean as whispering sweet nothings to as naughty as it gets. The first and most important thing you have to do is decide how clean or dirty the talking will be. Establishing your guidelines beforehand may not seem very romantic but it is certainly better than getting your face slapped if you step over a boundary you didn’t know exist, especially if the relationship is still somewhat new. Calling your lover a less desirable name for a call girl could put an end to the relationship very quickly!

Ladies the same is true for men, not all men like their “equipment” referred to as a piece of meat you would pick up at a grocery store and take home and fry up for dinner. Some men are sensitive and they have feelings too and you should establish a name for his “equipment” that is acceptable to both of you. One last piece of advice leaves the “come to mama” out of the bed! That’s just wrong unless of course you’ve previously agreed to that comment.

I think we have covered the ins and outs of talking dirty during sex now just let the words flow naturally and if you’re not comfortable saying something then don’t say it. Forcing yourself to say something you’re not comfortable with will only make you tense and ruin the entire experience for both of you. Certain things just take time to be comfortable with and if talking dirty during sex is one of them then go at your own pace.

So relax and when you’re ready let the words flow freely and you’re sure to have a wonderful experience. With any luck your new desire to talk dirty during sex will lead to playing out fantasies and other sexual experiences that will certainly liven up your sex life. Also get more information by visiting [how to talk dirty to a guy] (

Talk Dirty
Talking Dirty


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