The Love Teachings Of Kama Sutra - Love Potions
devendra patil • onLove & Harmony 10 years ago • 1 min read
Love Potions and Sex Aids
To Enslave a Lover:

Anoint your penis, before lovemaking, with honey into which you have powered black pepper, long pepper and "datura" (the green thorn apple) - it will utterly devastate your lady.

Leaves caught as they fall from trees and powdered with peacock-bone and fragments of a corpse's winding-sheet will, when dusted lightly on the penis, bewitch any woman living.

If you crush milky chunks of cactus with sulphur and realgar, dry the mixture seven times, powder it and apply it to your penis, you'll satisfy the most demanding lover.

And if, to these powerful ingredients, you add a monkey's turd, grind them together and sprinkle the powder on your unsuspecting lover's head, she will be your devoted slave for life.



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