The Love Teachings Of Kama Sutra - Lying Down Positions
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Lying Down Positions:

Indrani draws up both her knees until they nuzzle the curves of her breasts; her feet find her lover's armpits. Small girls love this posture, but becoming a goddess takes a lot of practice.

She cups and lifts her buttocks with her palms, spreads wide her thighs, and digs in her heels besides her hips, while you caress her breasts: this is "Utphallaka" (The Flower in Bloom).

Grasping the ankles of the round hipped woman, whose buttocks are like two ripe gourds, raise her beautiful thighs and spread the thigh-joints widely.

Full of desire, saying sweet words, approach her with your body stiff as a pole and drive straight forward to pierce her lotus and join your limbs: experts call it "Madandhvaja" (The Flag of Cupid).

Catch hold of her two feet, raising them till they press upon her breasts and her legs form a rough circle. Clasp her neck and make love to her: this is "Ratisundara" (Aphrodite's Delight).

Lift the lady's feet until her soles lie perfectly parallel, one to each side of her slender throat, cup her breasts and enjoy her: this technique is "Uthkanta" (Throat-high).

Your lovely wife, lying on the bed, grasps her own feet and draws them up until they reach her hair; you catch her breasts and make love: this is "Vyomapada" (Sky-foot).

The round-thighed woman on the bed grasps her ankles and raises high her lotus feet; you strike her to the root, kissing and slapping open-palmed between her breasts: this is "Markata" (The Monkey).

She lies flat on her back, you sit between her parted knees, raise them, hook her feet over your thighs, catch hold of her breasts, and enjoy her: this is "Manmathpriya" (Dear to Cupid).

Lying-down Positions - Samputa Group:

If your penis is too small for a woman, the "Samputa" group of postures should be used: "Samputa" (the Jewel Case), "Pidita" (the Squeeze), "Veshtita (the Entwined) and "Vadavaka" (the Mare's Trick).

In Samputa your legs lie along hers caressing their whole length from toes to thighs. Your lover may be below you, or you may both lie on your sides, in which case she should always be on your left.

In Pidita the lovers' thighs are interlaced and squeeze each other in rhythm. In Veshtita she crosses her thighs or rolls each one inward, thus greatly strengthening her yoni's grip.

When, like a mare cruelly gripping a stallion, your lover traps and milks your penis with her vagina, it is "Vadavaka" (the Mare's Trick), which can only be perfected with long practice.

When she uses it, a woman should cease to kiss her lover and simply hold the lock. Courtesans are adept at Vadavaka, and it's a speciality with ladies from Andhra(*).

From The Medieval Texts:

When lovers, with legs stretched rigid and feet caressing feet, make love according to their hearts' desire, "tantra" scholars call it "Sampada" (Equal Feet) and agree it is a way to ecstasy.

Stiff as a pole in the bed's center, she lies making love, cooing and warbling like a woodpigeon, the jewel of her clitoris well-polished: this is Mausala" (the Pestle).

When she lies on her back with her two thighs pressed tightly together and you make love to her, keeping your thighs outside hers, it is "Gramya" (the Rustic).

If, encircling and trapping her thighs with yours, you grip so hard that she cries out in pain, it is "Ratipasha" (Love's Noose), a device most charming to the ladies.

Her limbs, entwined in yours like tendrils of fragrant jasmine creeper, draw taut and slowly relax in the gentle rhythm of linga and yoni: this is "Lataveshta" (the Clinging Creeper).

She draws her limbs together, clasping her knees tightly to her breasts, her yoni, like an opening bud, offered up for pleasure: this is known as "Mukula" (the Bud).

When she draws up her knees and you clamp yours about her raised thighs, trapping them in a tight knot while riding saddle upon her buttocks and kissing her, it is "Shankha" (the Couch).



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