The Obvious Things To Control The Early Ejaculation
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Of course, the author of this opinion in his thinking that who is causing the premature ejaculation is the focus of blood in the lower region of the body, this helps because the blood work on the erection, tissues in the penis with blood, and if it's on as well as on the Ray Our friend each and every one stands said he has speed ejaculation.

Why is the problem of premature ejaculation?

The premature ejaculation is typically may begin when some young teenagers (if they engage in masturbation or sex, usually quickly or as quickly as possible for fear of discovery ordered).


Premature ejaculation are often a result of psychological problems or such as anxiety or irritability, or excessive mental stress or emotional, and incidence can to encourage the occurrence of depression and feelings of insecurity, anger, and the outbreak of fighting between the couple.

Some studies say that there is a difference in the levels of hormones and the sensitivity of genital herpes in people who suffer from premature ejaculation problem as compared with people who do not complain of this problem

Treatment of premature ejaculation (the obvious things to control the early ejaculation).

Sex with the wife without a long break, because you are exposed to premature ejaculation when your practice more sex after a long break The use of condoms because it reduces the sense of Sex juncture in which women are at the top, because the men in this situation are less dramatic than the situation where the man at the top, where down the same backwards and down the erect penis, and the movements of intercourse nice. When you're coming to point tossing your partner to learn to do so. Then it should remain fairly constant or to rise and liberate themselves.

Learn to control the anal muscle. Make a move to reduce around the anus as if you're trying to prevent defecation. Start the exercise at a rate 10 times in a row and then for up to 50 times. Do this twice a day. Some men find that the reduction of their muscles when you feel the coming of defamation or relax helps to prolong the time of mating.

When it proceeds to enter the penis in your partner's vagina, try to do short payments or circular motion, then you can delay ejaculation

Compression method: If you feel you are close to the height of eroticism during to your wife, you or is using the thumb with two fingers pressure on others in the area beneath the penis directly for a period of twenty seconds, it inhibits ejaculation and reduces erection a little, and after about half a minute, you restoration of citizenship to restore erections. Repeat the compression method when you feel that ejaculation is about to happen a great eye and used whenever necessary to be able to complete the entry without that preceded ejaculation. With repeated practice, your body will learn to delay ejaculation without resorting to compression method.

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