The Sense And Reason
Sunny • on 11 years ago • 1 min read

I have found the meaning Reason and thought By resuming the walk Even without imagining where walking Without knowing why You know I love you because Because you think about it, because I cry

Why you still dreaming But is that there If you are an illusion They want to edit a song Gentle ballad full of emotion Sound in the distance your kisses

What snap wave broken Smooth your skin and your body of madness They are my eyes you dream And feel the caress lost by the wind Heart of slow heartbeats Full of blood and fire If I could tell you What more am If I could look And tell silence What is my soul, my entire soul If I could fall in love a little more

We think even if you are not We yearn, we smile Although no me mires Just feel that you love me Following the escape of wind shut In hopes of sweet silent love?


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