The Seven Coolest Natural Wonders On Earth
Sunny • onInformation 10 years ago • 2 min read

Amazon Rainforest

Mainly located in Brazil, this destination will amaze your beyond your wildest dreams. See how life would have adapted without being colonized by humans. As the world's largest tropical rainforest, it sprawls across much of the north. The mighty Amazon and other enormous rivers wind though this vast green area of towering trees and steamy jungles. Where else would you find 75% of the world's plant and animal species in only 3% of the world's area? The forest is always alive here. Mountains covered in a blanket of clouds and fog rise high in the north. Broad white beaches line glistening seashores.


The Alps is a majestic mountain range that looks down upon Europe. This mountain range is 500 miles long and 100 miles. It is also home to the world s tallest and strangest mountains. These snowy beast can beautiful but deadly with avalanches. Going here is a once in a lifetime experience.

Mediterranean Sea

Where else would you find a sea so rich in culture and beauty; only the Mediterranean. The Mediterranean is part of the Atlantic but resides between Europe and Africa. There is a large variety of tropical marine life. Large, broad beaches line the coast of the Mediterranean area. I suggest going here for a relaxing vacation.

Angel Falls

In the outskirts of Venezuela lays the world's highest free-falling waterfall. You know it as Angel Falls. At 3212 ft, it is 15 times taller than Niagara Falls. It is truly one of South America's gems.

Sahara Desert

As the world's biggest desert, the Sahara cover a third of Africa. That is the size of the United States of America! This barren land dotted with occasional oasis has a strange beauty of its own. It is amazing how wild life has adapted to this harsh, dry climate. I suggest joining a camel caravan when going through here.

Greenland's Glaciers

Glaciers in Greenland are like no other. They may look small on top, but they are enormous on the bottom. Global Warming has been taking a toll on glaciers. See these icy beasts while you can.

African Plains

The African Plains is a place where the toughest of the tough survive. This is the land where the lion and elephant rule. The climate is brutal: hot days and freezing nights. The beautiful can't be explained in words. Take a safari here. It is worth it



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