The UGLY TRUTH About The Beauty Products
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Dubai's year-round sunshine means that slathering on sunscreen on a daily basis is a must. But research shows that products which claim to contain a high SPF factor may not be as safe as we think. Whilst many products on the market may reduce the risk of sunburn (UVB rays), they don't protect against UVA radiation, which is linked to ageing and skin cancer.

Glamour's Top Tip:

Stay sun-savvy with products that contain a high SPF, (no less than 30) and have both UVA and UVB protection. Apply often and liberally - you'll be glad you did in the long run.


Lusting after a Hollywood set of pearly whites? If you're considering an over-the-counter treatment, think twice. At-home teeth-whitening kits are often loaded with bleach, which can wear away tooth enamel and cause gum disease and teeth sensitivity.

Glamour's Top Tip:

Before you decide to DIY, consult your dentist to find out which method is best for you. Two of the most popular and effective treatments are custom-made fitted gel trays and laser treatments - and they're super-quick, so you can walk out with a winning smile in just a few hours.


If you're preparing to ditch your natural tresses for a dramatically different hair colour, wait! Most dyes are packed with harmful chemicals. The more permanent the colour, the more toxic the product. Semi-permanent and temporary dyes are much less toxic than permanent colours, and dark shades contain more chemicals than blonde and red tones.

Glamour's Top Tip:

Go organic. Hennas, natural-based herbal dyes, vegetable dyes and anything containing food-based ingredients are less harmful.


Out-of-date beauty products, especially eye make-up, can cause nasty infections. It's safe to use the same products for around three months, but after that, it's a no-no, as you put yourself at risk of contracting eye conditions like conjunctivitis. Mascara is the biggest enemy - when you put the brush on your eyelashes then back into the tube, bacteria can breed easily.

Glamour's Top Tip:

Minimise the risk of developing an infection by following a few simple steps. Never share your mascara or eyeliner with friends, and always make sure you close the tube after use.


Research has revealed that antiperspirants may pose deadly health risks for women, with prolonged use cited as a possible cause of breast cancer. They're loaded with aluminium salts which are absorbed into the skin, and long-term use could be potentially damaging.

Glamour's Top Tip:

Don't sweat it just yet. Chemical-free antiperspirants are just as effective as most other antiperspirants, and keep you smelling just as fresh.



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