The World Is A Huge Candy Store
Sunny • onGeneral 12 years ago • 2 min read

Once, in the middle of a personal development workshop, one of the participants stood up and began distributing diamond rings to each of the one hundred people in the room.

He was a wealthy jeweler, he said, and he had made these expensive rings as gifts to open people's eyes to the abundance of life.

On his fifth birthday, the man explained, his uncle had taken him to a candy store and told him that he could take whatever he wanted, and as much as he wanted.

The entire store was open to him. He had looked at the jars and trays, and he hadn't known where to begin. Eventually, he filled a bag with all his favorite candies. He didn't take everything, but that feeling of being able to have whatever he wanted, stuck.

Experience abundance with your candy store…

Since then, he said, he had only been able to notice the abundance of life. He saw the world as full of opportunities, wealth and beauty - all you have to do is, take your pick and fill your bag.

The sad truth is that most of us grow up with the opposite feeling - we develop a poverty mentality. We are conditioned to believe that there simply isn't enough. We have to compete and fight and struggle, to get what we need and want. If we reach out our hand, someone else will be rifling through our pockets. The result of that mentality is that we remain hungry.

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