There Would Be Zero Tolerance Against Agitators : Rosaiah
pavan • onGeneral 9 years ago • 1 min read

There Would Be Zero Tolerance Against Agitators : Rosaiah

The Andhra Pradesh CM Rosaiah has asked the police to apply sections 144 and 30 in all the Telangana districts. The CM Rosaiah said that from now onwards there would be "zero tolerance" against agitators or people who damage public properties. And he also warned leaders like KCR indirectly not to make provocative statements. Rosaiah said "Put up a case even against me, if I make any provocative statements".

Rosaiah also asked the police to be very alert in all the Telangana districts and not to let anyone whether a MLA, MP or even a common who tries to disrupt normalcy in the regions.

Rosaiah also said that "enough is enough" and enough damage has been done to the businesses in Andhra Pradesh especially Hyderabad.

After the Telangana movement started one month back, this is the first time that the CM Rosaiah has started to assert himself. Sources say that he got clear signal from Sonia Gandhi to scuttle any negative incidents in the Telangana regions.



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