Things Not To Say To A Women
James • onMating & Dating 11 years ago • 1 min read
  1. Once a woman is dressed for any occasion, never ask, "are you going to wear that!?" or, "is that what you're wearing!?" These types of comments do not create a mood. But if you feel she may need a coat or different type shoe, a tactful suggestion may be appropriate.

  2. Never talk about past relationships or other women even if she asks. People are naturally curious so she may really want to know about your past, but hold your tongue, you have better things to talk about. If she insists on talking about your past, mention how the past is not important to you and how excited about the future you are.

  3. Avoid talking about yourself or your work.

  4. Never correct or embarrass your lover in front of other people.

  5. Never assume she understands what you are talking about.

  6. Never compare her to another woman, even if it is her best friend, mother or sister.

  7. Never assume she wants to do the same thing you do. Most people like to plan what to do, not be told.


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  • Darwin 8 years ago
    I really agree with your article! We should respect women. I am great fan of TV shows! If talking about your article, it reminds me of one show named pretty little liars. Have you seen it? Pretty little liars episodes really depict the mentality of a women. It is very close to the reality in which the 4 girls are threatened by someone and even they all are going apart due one secret and jealously of their own!