Things You Can Do To Get Your Boyfriend Back
Chris • onRelationship 8 years ago • 3 min read

After your break up there may be many times when you think that you want to get back together with your boyfriend. First you should consider whether he is really worth the pain that you are going through. Think about the reasons as to why you broke up in the first place. If the reasons all point towards his fault then you might be better off without him.

When you fall in love with someone you should make a conscious choice of whether you would be happy with this guy. This should be specially considered right after a breakup. After a breakup you should think if you will ever be able to get over those issues that have cause the break up.

You should try and learn from past mistakes and make sure that they do not harm your relationship in the future. If you are convinced that you are ready to get back with your boyfriend then there are things that you can do to get his attention. Trying to get him jealous is the most obvious way. It is perhaps the worst way trying to catch his attention.

What you need to show him is that you are strong and you are fine without him. It might hurt you a lot on the inside but you should show him that you are doing just fine without him. Also if you have been messaging him or emailing him then you should stop doing it. If your relationship was true and a long lasting one then no matter what the reason for your breakup your boyfriend is bound to miss you because of all the good times that you both have shared.

So if you cut off contact with him, then he will most definitely get curious about you. You can’t change the past but you should always work towards a brighter future. If he has a new girlfriend then this could be a tough situation for you. However if your ex boyfriend truly loved you then he will surely miss you even if he is with his new girl. You have to be nice to him even in such a situation. Only then would he realize how wonderful you are and what he is missing out on.

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