Three Star Hotels In Himachal Pradesh - Mountain Top Luxury
Soni • onGeneral 8 years ago • 2 min read

Due to the burgeoning middle class in the country, three star hotels are fast gaining importance. Three star hotels in Himachal Pradesh always played an important role in the hotel industry of the state. In many ways they served to bridge the gap between the top end hotels and the low end ones. Three star options are popular due to the fact that they provide many facilities at a reasonable price. The town of Dharamshala has a whole range of three star hotels and this is also true for Solan and Shimla.

Tourism in India is on the rise and many foreign travelers are also traveling to the country. Three star hotels provide comfortable and cheap options for these foreign tourists. In fact many travelers from abroad prefer to stay at three star hotels rather than splurge money on higher end options.

The modern Indian is also finicky about the accommodation and three star hotels provide rooms that are well furnished and comfortable. The hotels are exciting and impressive in terms of the design and facade as well. Some of the well known three star hotels in the state include Blossoms Village Resort, Snow Hermitage Resort, Karnika Resort and Hotel Dalhousie Heights to name a few. Three star hotels are concentrated in and around the city center as well.

Many foreign travelers who wish to spend their honeymoon in India also opt for these hotels. These hotels are also ideally suited for newly weds in India. Three star hotels provide opportunities and facilities for the business traveler as well. They are well equipped with facilities such as conference rooms, banquet halls, internet and wi fi connectivity. Travelers who wish to combine both leisure and business can do so quite easily.

Some of these hotels are located on the mountain sides and they provide some breath taking views of Himalayas in Himachal Pradesh. These views alone are worth the stay. Three star options usually provide one or more options for dining. Most hotels have a good bar stocked with excellent liquor.

Other facilities at these hotels include satellite television, in room dining, 24 hour running water, gym and a health club. It is not uncommon to see a games room complete with a billiards table in some of these hotels. In essence guests are treated to the ultimate three star luxury while staying at the three star joints across Himachal Pradesh.


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