Thyroid Disease – Natural Home Remedies For Thyroid
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The thyroid gland manufactures and stores thyroid hormone (TH), often referred to as the body's metabolic hormone. Among other actions, TH stimulates enzymes that combine oxygen and glucose, a process that increases your basal metabolic rate (BMR) and body heat production. The hormone also helps maintain blood pressure, regulates tissue growth and development and is critical for skeletal and nervous system development.

Causes of Thyroid: -

• Excessive intake of thyroid hormone for treating hypothyroidism. • Inflammation of the thyroid gland or Thyroiditis can also lead to the overproduction of thyroid hormones. • A single nodule of the thyroid gland can also produce excess amount of thyroid hormones leading to hyperthyroidism. • Enlargement of the thyroid gland producing high levels of thyroid hormone, a condition called Grave’s disease.

Some common low thyroid symptoms include low thyroid symptoms include - weight gain, puffy face, cold intolerance, loss or thinning of eyebrows, abdominal bloating, depression, cold hands and feet, joint or muscle pain, abdominal pain, dry and thinning of hair, thickening of skin, brittle or very thin fingernails.

The standard treatment of Hashimoto's disease is to give a synthetic or even natural thyroid hormone replacement, and then alter the dose until the TSH drops below a certain level. At this point the condition is considered managed well. This type of approach gives little thought to the patient’s symptoms, or how the patient is actually responding. As soon as the lab numbers come back "normal", any remaining thyroid symptoms get attributed to something else.

Home remedies are comparatively cheaper and affordable than other therapies to treat hypothyroidism. Here are some of the home remedies that can be very effective in treating and controlling the thyroid gland. Many of them do not decrease or increase thyroid function but it regulates the gland to produce enough quantity of hormone.

• Spirulina is considered as good health booster and thyroid regulator. There are many products available in the market containing this wonderful herb. • Vitamin B is very important to keep in your home. It works to regulate the thyroid levels and boost out metabolism and energy. If you want to prevent any more complications with your thyroid glands cut down on sugary high calorie drinks and food. This includes candy and alcohol. • Another herb that contains iodine is bladder wrack and it keeps everything working correctly. There are many home remedies for hypothyroidism and it is a good idea to pass your questions and concerns by your general doctor first. • Take black Cohosh that helps in balancing the estrogen levels and can also be useful in controlling thyroid gland function. • Mullein covers and protects the cells and reduces the inflammation of the glands including thyroid gland. This is very useful in case of goiter.

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