Tips And Techniaues To Stop Hair Fall And Hair Loss Treatment
Dr.Steve • onHealth & Beauty 8 years ago • 3 min read

When you start finding your hair strands floating under the shower after shampooing or when you find that your comb has more hair than your head, there is a pretty good chance that you are facing the problem of hair loss. If stress, lack of balanced diet, irregular sleeping patterns or the wrong choice of hair-care products has landed you in excessive loss of hair, then you can probably find a cure for the problem.

On the other hand, if you are genetically predisposed to hair loss, you would rather have to keep your fingers crossed, because baldness can strike you any day. However, you can always prevent hair loss in both the cases completely, or at least reduce the number of strands falling off. Here in this article, we have provided some surefire solutions to prevent hair loss. You can follow some routine care at home to prevent the hair from damage.

  1. Always keep your hair clean. It will protect them from dandruff, itching and hair lice, which ultimately results in hair fall.
  2. Always use the shampoo and conditioner depending on your hair type. As for oily hair, you should use a shampoo, which is meant for specifically for oily hair.
  3. If there is dandruff in your hair you can mix camphor cubes in coconut oil to massage on your hair and scalp. It helps in reducing the dandruff.
  4. Never comb your hair when they are wet. The roots of the hairs are the weakest when they are wet.
  5. Keep the hair wrapped in a towel for a while then let them dry in natural air as excess usage of hair dryer too damages the hair texture and makes them weak and then ultimately they fall.
  6. When your hair is falling, make a mixture at home containing Amla, Shikakai and dry neem leaves. Grind them together and apply this paste on the hair before washing them off for a while.
  7. Whipped eggs mixed in curd and henna powder help in preventing hair fall.
  8. Eat healthy diet including green vegetables, dairy products and fruits.
  9. Drinking coconut water prevents the hair fall.
  10. You can make oil at home for falling hair. Boil henna and neem leaves in mustard oil till the leaves get almost dissolved in it. Let it cool and then filter. Add few camphor cubes to it and fill in a bottle. Use this oil to massage on your hair.
  11. Mixture of almond oil, olive oil and castor oil is equally good to prevent and stop hair from further falling.
  12. Get your hair trim every month so that there are no split ends left.
  13. Include at least 2 nuts in your daily diet. They help a lot in strengthen the hair.
  14. Avoid using too harsh clips or bands on the hair. Never make hair too tight.
  15. Protect the hair from dust and sun. Cover your head while going in the direct sun.
  16. Apply hair pack on your head at least once in a month. It can be henna paste, curd, eggs or a combination of all.
  17. Wash your hair every time you apply some chemicals on your hair in form of styling gels, creams, sprays or lotions. The harmful chemicals in them damage the hair and make them to fall.


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