Tips Are Important To Their Sexuality Secret For Women
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Technically, a woman stills a virgin if her hymen (the membrane flexible at the entrance to the vagina) is still intact. When there is no sex, and therefore the penetration, the man's penis enters the vagina and the hymen tears. A slight bleeding may happen next. That is what is called defilement or loss of virginity.

Many ideas are circulating, however, the loss of virginity. The small development is needed: you can not lose her virginity on a horse. However, regular participation in sports such as dancing or horse riding can relax the hymen, which will make the first penetration less painful.


Good personal hygiene perfect for a sexual and powerful:

  • Change your underwear every day and prefer pant straps, friction and therefore supports the development of oral candidacies. Forget also synthetic materials suitable for soaking, and choose underwear 100% cotton.
  • Wash underwear 60 ° C minimum.
  • While the rules change to protect newspapers at least three times a day. Do not store a buffer of more than 4 hours.
  • Avoid tight jeans and pants, causing irritation.
  • After stool, wipe from front to back to prevent the spread of bacteria.
  • Wash your hands before any contact with the vagina.
  • Do not wear a wet bathing suit for a long time. Humidity promotes the growth of bacteria.
  • Consult a gynecologist regularly, an annual event it is necessary to prevent and detect possible infections

These tips are important to their sexuality secret

and impeccable personal hygiene

Personal hygiene, how fast?

• To prevent microbial growth in this part of the body, wash sex once a day. Attention is talking bathroom outside (vulva, clitoris and labia) only because the vagina is self cleaning. You can grow up to two toilets, where heat and sweat, but no more. The same applies to the rules. Moreover, another bathroom is also recommended after each sexual intercourse. Finally, dry thoroughly with a clean towel after showering to remove moisture. • How to choose a product washing • The vagina contains a set of bacteria called flora, which must respect the balance. It is therefore important to ban strippers and disinfectant products, too aggressive. There is no way to use normal shower gel. Instead, choose a mild, soap free, fragrance free, pH neutral, which respects the natural acidity of the vagina. You will find in pharmacies or supermarkets for many products specially formulated for intimate hygiene. • Also, avoid applying all kinds of cosmetics on their sex, deodorants, oils and creams. • As for the clean, you can use from time to time, always choosing smooth and clean alcohol.

Beware douche

• Usually done after intercourse, douching is to reduce the risk of pregnancy through the elimination of sperm in the vagina. However, this method is not only ineffective for contraception, but also promotes the development and fungal infections such as virginities. Toilet breaks internal balance of vaginal flora and promotes the growth of yeasts or bacteria. • Beware and excessive cleaning. You can practice any monthly showers - water - following the rules. The rest of the time, content you with a bathroom outside.

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