Tips Enhance The Ability To Reproduce
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There are environmental impacts and the habits of daily affect the ability of couples to have children with the evolution of life and found some effects such as factories that pollute dust air, smoking, and excessive in the exercise (which affect the secretion of hormones for both sexes) all proved to have an impact on fertilization and pregnancy occurs, Therefore this section you these tips that help you in pregnancy and its importance as the importance of treatment and in some cases, more:


Tips for men:

1 - Temperature of the testicles should be two degrees Celsius below normal body temperature, because exposure to heat a negative impact on sperm production, therefore, should distinguish between heat directed to the testis and the air temperature as the air temperature does not affect. Therefore we advise you to expose the testicles of cold water two to three times daily for a period of two minutes each time in a relaxing time or before going to sleep by sitting in cold water or place the bag containing the cold water on the testicles, as well as advise you to stay away from exposing your body completely and, in general, sources of heat such as taking a hot bath and exposing the testicles in particular sitting in hot water for example.

2 - Must take care of the quality of the underwear worn must be the article of cotton, not nylon or wool, as it should be broad and not narrow, it put pressure on the testis to affect sperm production.

3 - If you are of those who smoke heavily and consume alcoholic beverages in large quantities, we advise you to stay away or mitigated as much as possible because it adversely affects the testicles and in a manner directly affects the production of animals and causing lack of movement of the sperm. And also affects indirectly (through its impact on male hormones) on the sexual ability of men and thus lead to impotence.

4 - to abstain from ejaculation for long days lead to increased sperm count old or more precisely, (older) In spite of the fact that semen analysis may indicate a rise in the number of sperm but the quality is bad and not capable of vaccination is therefore recommended obtaining sexual intercourse every three days so that the sperm is renewed.

5 - When illness, even if simple, such as tonsillitis, the presence of inflammation in the body reduces the number of sperm note that the sperm need to be 70-74 days for production. Larkins body inflammation affects the number and capacity of sperm for insemination, it is wrong to judge the result of an analysis for that one must re-analysis for months to diagnose the fault being found and treated by a physician specialist.

6 - In the event of injury, direct genital inflammation may indirectly affect the amount of sperm sperm example: - inflammation of the epididymis or the channel carrying the sperm, leading to the blockage completely and inflammation also affect the testicles to produce sperm and reduces their number.

7 - There are some drugs that affect sperm production and reduce the production and movement, so if you take any medication for any disease you are infected, such as high blood pressure, please take the opinion of the treating physician to see if the medication affects or not, and if there is a need to change the medication.

8 - Away from the inhalation of chemical factory workers, for example.

9 - Chemotherapy or radiotherapy also affect, consult a doctor if he was under treatment for appropriate action.

10 - Some men have used herbs as a treatment so as to increase sperm production, we recommend use of these herbs need to inform the doctor about the quality of herbs that are used so as not to conflict with the effect of treatment prescribed by a physician specialist.

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