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All await the arrival of a teenager to enjoy the best music performances and toners. And what better way to combine both in choreography made especially for the occasion.

The most traditional dance waltz with our father, male relatives and the inevitable Chamberlain. But we can always give it a more modern and personal touch, exchanging it for a ring fashion with a special meaning.

There are endless ways to create a musical number. Only a matter of ingenuity, trial, and some production details and select the perfect music to cause a smile in all admiration.


Personally, I suggest a mix of songs, combining soft-like ballad rhythms and the modern version of a waltz, latin, salsa, merengue, LatinPop-urban, reggaeton, hip hop and a melody-free, you may be inspired by our favorite movie, for example, the blockbuster High School Musical.

Definitely need the help of a group of friends with much enthusiasm and perseverance to learn the steps. No need to be some expert dancers, but it helps that at least a couple of them have good rhythm to guide the rest during the choreography. In addition, you should always have a reserve of members if a defection or accident occurs (and believe me always).

I advise that the costume is not too complicated or heavy to carry, taking into consideration that the living room floor can be very sleek and sultry star-painful falls. Preferably, the girls wear flats or low heels and shorts at the time of the charged and turns.

For a spectacular close, you can add decorative elements such as confetti, balloons, gas or foam, freed from above by a member of the party or the members who were in reserve. So there will be no long faces for not participating in the special issue and the good vibes will reign in the celebration.

How do we prepare for auditions for Fame Revolution? Here are the tips of the organization:

• Choreography prepared in advance. • Focus on the most dominate style and prepare some choreography alternative if you ask for the jury. • Prevents nerves betray you aprendiéndote the choreography and tested many times as possible. • Shown in the choreography your strengths and surprising steps do not waste time with preliminaries or facile steps. • Remember that you have a few seconds to show what you know: surprises from the first second or jury will end boring • Prepare a brief presentation to the jury (name, age, where you are, and the styles you master, why you would enter Fame Revolution ...) • Plasma your personality in the way you dress, your dress shows that you did everything a dancer. Just make sure that the clothes and accessories do not stop you from doing the steps you have prepared.

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