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How to lose weight? This burning question inflected recent falls in all. How much neutrality and still shedding pounds? So how can you lose weight permanently? There is a recipe with which you could lose weight. Each person's individuality is complicated and not all respond to certain stimuli as well. A useful guideline is that a healthy diet is one that will leave bad effects on your body.

Increase the proportion of vegetables and fruits in the diet. Many people make the mistake of trying to just limit. Try replacing some of the earliest food vegetables or fruit. You will be surprised that it refreshes you and fills.


Before every meal, always eat raw vegetables or fruit. Our kitchen is experienced by the system or fruit salad, yes, but with or after the meal. And it's wrong. If eaten raw vegetables or fruit before a meal will be created in the stomach digestive enzymes to raw food and this is how they spend the cooked food.

Increase water intake. Limit sugary drinks and mineral water or unsweetened. Remember that bubbles are your enemy. Clean water is an ideal source of fluids.

Limit fried foods to a minimum. Besides being blown fats can cause cancer, is the enemy of weight loss.

Start immediately using only olive oil. Eliminate any other sunflower oil, and are full of harmful free radicals and carcinogens. Fat is the body and can be delivered in the form of various nuts and seeds.

Beware of products with "0%" fat. Because fat was replaced with a chemical compound with which your body is absolutely no advice, so it will be stored in fat cells, which are always available. Instead, eat a small amount of butter than margarine and hardened fats, chemical substitutes that contain fat and are full of carcinogens.

Increase physical activity = exercise. Do not put your goals high, such as from tomorrow I will go to the "gym" or enroll in an aerobics class, I run an hour every evening. Most find that going to the fitness center you have the time or money, do not turn into an aerobics class appropriate clothing, but running in the evenings and can be dangerous. Instead, start with a little activity is better than nothing and also do it easily. Stop use as a lift AIS purchase stairs runs, first you buy less, which will facilitate weight loss, and second, by an exercise. Over the weekend instead of watching TV, you go into the countryside - 10 minutes of moderate exercise in the sun and fresh air will replace an hour of toil in the gym.

To lose weight, she must first believe it can. This for you, nobody does. Remember that everything is in the brain. Positive thinking and self-encouragement works wonders. Utter a loud, I'm smart and I want it I can too, you make sure that not only others but mainly myself. But it works in reverse, when I say out loud and in front of others that I am "stupid cow", etc., you make sure that not only others but also themselves.

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