Tips For Makeup, Clothing And Skin And Hair
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The following tips are divided into the categories of makeup, clothing and skin and hair. Follow them and you always look good and smart. There are also several other useful tips between.


* Always mix a little foundation through your day cream, if you look just a little fresher. In summer, if you’re brown, this is usually not necessary.
* Use from your 20th a good anti -wrinkle cream for the first wrinkles as long as possible to delay.
* Put your eye pencil before you go grinding fifteen minutes in the refrigerator, then cuts it much easier.
* Make sure you always labels and a sample day cream with you, sheets look so shabby looking!
* Use always mascara, you look a lot fresher.
* Ask advice from a makeup expert often found in perfume shops, etc. and what color you are correct or not. You’ll see that there a lot better looking! This is also recommended if your glasses have


* Go look at a color course on such a course you will learn what colors you look good and what is not absolute. The result is often surprising than you think...
* Invest in good basic clothing; you will see there is always good.
* Do you wear glasses, and then invest it. Often there are also actions: 2 glasses for the price of 1. If you have a chance, take it. It’s very nice to your glasses to match your dress. Also make sure that the frame you choose good condition. Are you not sure? Take unisex glasses, no bottom. Which is basically everyone?

Skin and Hair

* Do you regularly clean brush in soapy water with detergent, brushes are often very dirty and that's not good for your hair.
* Scrub your face once a week for your skin to shine.
* Always use a conditioner if you have oily hair you should only rub the dots.
* Use a hair mask every week.
* Use a facial mask every week.
* Make sure your hands some TLC, nothing looks so shabby like ugly hands and nails. So scrubbing, lubricating and painting!
* Go to the hairdresser every six weeks for the dots to cut. This prevents dead spots, so a bunch of straw. Also note that the model remains in the barber and ask for advice if you want a new model. Is it you do?

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Applying Mascara
Eye Makeup


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