Tips For Passionate And Sexy Kissing
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The most important thing is to kiss someone you like! Mutual attraction is essential to a great kiss. Without it, all you're doing is pressing your lips together, and you'll leave feeling unfulfilled and disappointed. Kissing is a way to show affection, to let someone know you really like them, and a passionate way to say "I love you."

The more feeling there is behind the kiss, the more enjoyable it will be. This is why kissing just anyone isn't really that fun, and definitely isn't a good idea. If you save those strong, passionate kisses for someone you truly have feelings for, your kissing experience will be 100 times more exciting. One of the biggest factors in good kissing is this attraction itself, as opposed to pure technique.

If you stress about whether or not you are a good kisser, this is the right place to be. Everyone can learn how to kiss properly, and you make no exception for that. This blog will be your one-stop shop for all things related to the amazing, spine-tingling, toe-curling world of kissing!

  1. There’s plenty of debate as to how humans first learned how to kiss. However, kissing as we know it was probably perfected by ancient Romans, who used kissing on the mouth and eyelids to greet each other and seal bargains. Just imagine doing that with the cashier clerk at your local store!

  2. A recent online poll pegged that “the most important part of kissing” was the use of hands. Not surprisingly, incorporating your hands when learning how to kiss will guarantee that you’ll get that second date. Try cupping the person’s face with your hands, or running your hands through their hair. If you’re feeling more lustful, gentle tug on the person’s hair and lightly drag your nails on their scalp. They’ll be readying for more than just kissing after that move!

  3. The same poll also indicated that the things that ruin kissing the most are: too much saliva, using too much tongue, chapped lips and traveling hands. So keep your hands at a PG level, and learn to master the art of the French kiss before introducing any tongue action!

  4. Don’t restrict your kisses to the mouth area; in fact, the ears, neck and shoulders all make great places to give a quick kiss or two. For a sweet gesture, kiss your partner’s shoulder the next time they wear a tank top. Or whisper something romantic in their ear and give it a gentle kiss. And don’t forget the power of neck kisses – just don’t leave any hickeys, as they’re a kissing faux pas!

  5. If you want to make your partner take the kissing initiative, then perfect this move: tilt your head slightly to your right and slowly look at their face. Your eyes should follow this motion: look at their eyes, then their nose, back to their eyes, and finally, linger on the lips. You’ll be kissing in no time flat!

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