Tips For Stress Relief And Hypertension Relief
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Stress can act as a motivator or energizer. Too much of bad stress can cause medical and social problems. Because the body responds to stress physically, bad stress causes the “fight or flight” reaction. The body changes, prepares to either confront the challenge or flee from it. Stress releases adrenaline (the stress hormone), heart rate increases, breathing quickens and blood pressures rises. The liver increases output of sugar and blood flow is diverted to the brain and large muscles. Symptoms of stress include, feeling anxious, feeling scared, irritable or moody.

Stress affects thoughts. Thoughts of low self-esteem, fear of failure, inability to concentrate, worrying about the future, preoccupation with thoughts/tasks and forgetfulness can be present. Stress affects behavior. It can cause stuttering and other speech difficulties, bouts of crying for no apparent reason, laughing in a high pitch or nervous tone of voice, increased accident prone behavior, overeating, under eating and increased use of drugs and alcohol.

  1. Despite the best advice, most people under stress neglect food, so at least start your day with 5 almonds and either milk/lassi/protein drink or egg. You can also start a multivitamin multi-mineral supplement during the stress period.
  1. Try not to skip lunch and if you do not have the time to eat then always keep a packet of channa roasted namkeens in the office or car to munch something in between, even a fruit chat or packed curd is welcomed.

  2. Avoid heavy and late dinners. Instead of the regular atta roti (wheat chapati) for dinner, use a healthier atta with a mix of channa, soy, wheat, ragi, mung. On weekends try to take rest and a light dinner.

  3. Avoid or control too much of tea and aerated drinks. For people who are prone to eating processed food, try having muesli with milk if nothing else is available at home. It can be made at home also with equal mix of cornflakes, oat flakes, rice flakes, wheat flakes.

  4. When back at home, you should try to avoid all fried namkeens. You can opt for a healthy whole wheat sandwich with a soup.

  5. For people with a sweet tooth, keep rasgulla or sandesh at home or just mix fruits, raisin and curd for a nourishing healthy dessert. Remember STRESSED spelt backwards is DESSERTS, so indulge in healthy sweets once in a while.

  6. Try not to overindulge in alcohol and if it is completely unavoidable start a liver tonic containing vitamin C and B complex.

  7. For severe acidity and gas try to take cabbage or kheera (cucumber) juice in the morning. You can also boil ajwain (bishop's weed) in water and drink this water once it is cooled; this acts as a medicine for gas. A cold banana is also a good natural antacid.

  8. Many herbs are also beneficial for stress. These include tulsi, triphala, ginger, ashwagandha, ginseng and amla. You can add some of them to your daily tea.

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