Tips On How To Help Depression
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Clinical depression is a state of sadness, melancholia or despair that has resulted in devastating consequences for the individual in terms of its functioning in society and in carrying out his daily activities.

Although a bad mood or depressed, which affects the individual, often referred to as depression, clinical depression is a medical diagnosis and is different from the commonly used phrase "being depressed".


Depression has been identified by the World Health Organization as one of the diseases that most man of ordinary life. It occurs in approximately 25% women and 10% of men sometime during their life. It is estimated that worldwide 340 million people suffer from depression during a certain time. In addition to the large incidence of depression has a strong tendency to relapse (the return). High recurrence may be associated with genetic susceptibility, initial onslaught of symptoms, diagnosis and inadequate treatment and inadequate emphasis on prevention.

Types of depression

There are two basic forms of depression:

• More severe, short-lived form = severe depression • Longer lasting, less severe = Dysthymia

Other types of depression are:

• Adjustment disorders with concomitant depressive mood - depressed in response to a life event such as death or divorce • Bipolar disorder (depressive illness) - includes a period of severe depression and subsequent periods of mania (abnormal and extreme outbursts of rage reactions or unusual forcefulness)

Symptoms of depression

• Tremendous feeling of sadness or fear or apparent inability to feel emotions • The decline of interest or pleasure from almost all daily activities • Change in appetite associated with weight loss or gathered • Restless sleep, insomnia, loss of REM sleep • Psychomotor agitation or slowed reaction almost every day • Nausea, mental or physical, also loss of energy • Guilt, helplessness, hopelessness, anxiety or fear • Difficulty concentrating or when making decisions, a general slowing or limiting thought, including memory • Constantly thoughts of death, suicidal ideation without a specific plan, suicide attempt or plan to commit suicide • Physical pain and the belief that it is a symptom of serious illness


Although the exact cause of depression remains unknown, current knowledge say that depression is a disease mo zgu, which is partly inherited and is often associated with current or previous stress factor in life.

• Heredity - the assumption that severe depression is 40-70% of cases of hereditary • Physiology - changes or imbalance of chemicals that transmit information in the brain / neurotransmitters • Previous experience - the death of a parent, abandonment or rejection, neglect, chronic illness, physical, psychological or sexual coercion, post-traumatic stress disorder • Experience of life - job loss, financial difficulties, long-term unemployment, loss of partner or another family member, divorce or loss of longtime friend, or other traumatic events, long-term stress • Diet - growth depression in industrialized societies is also linked to diets

Tips on how to help depression

Carefully plan your day - you always make time for you to work zadelili according to its importance, it will help you acquire a sense of control over what you do and what you can

• Plan your work and sleep - 7 or 8 hours of sleep at night is important for wellbeing. • Attend the leisure activities - sports, theater, clubs and associations interested in anything you can bring opportunities meet new people interested in the same things as you, and it can help a welcome change in daily activities. • Seek help from other people - they can be your partner or friend, family member etc.; sharing of emotions reduces isolation and helps you realize that you are not alone. • Try relaxation methods - meditation, deep breathing, hot baths, long walks, exercise - anything that helps reduce feelings of stress and discomfort.

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