Tips To Avoid Coming Up With A Bad Design
Manisha • onIt & Systems 8 years ago • 3 min read

A web design is the backbone of a site which reflects its objectives to visitors. Design is the most important aspect of a website which helps to draw visitors. If visitors find a design attractive and user friendly, they are likely to go through the site and even make purchases. Therefore, a website should be designed accordingly. However, most of the times, websites lose potential customers due to a bad web design. A web design influences the fate of a website and hence, it should be done carefully. Discussed below are some tips to avoid a bad web design.

First and foremost, do not make the design complicated by adding unnecessary stuff. Keep it simple. A cluttered design not only looks bad but also makes the visitors confuse. Eventually they switch to another site. Remember that 'less is more'. A design should be such that visitors find it easy to navigate through it. Do not compromise on the aesthetic look of design. A website should be designed keeping in mind the product it will be selling. The design should be pleasing as well as informative.

Do not stuff too many images just to make the design attractive. This backfires most of the times. First of all, a website stuffed with too many images becomes slow and takes time to load. This can annoy visitors and make them switch to some other site. A website should be designed from visitors' point of view. It should be user friendly and informative. Ensure that it has an easy navigation.

Do not design a site for only a particular web browser. There are a number of browsers available like Firefox, Safari, Opera etc. The design should be compatible with all the web browsers. If it is not, you are likely to lose out on a majority of visitors because everyone uses different browsers these days. Therefore, while designing a website, it is important to think from a visitor's perspective. Automatic pop-ups can be really annoying for visitors. Not only pop-ups but also too much of ads can disappoint your visitors. Therefore, they should be avoided.

Without a good web design, a website's existence comes to a naught. It is always better to hire business web design service that can provide a quality custom web design. They have experienced web designers who can provide exceptional designs as per the client's requirement. They guarantee best results within a stipulated time period.

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