Tips To Create A Good Looking And SEO Friendly Website
Suresh Kumar • onIt & Systems 8 years ago • 3 min read

Designing a website is becoming easy with emergence of various website developing tools. But creating a good looking and SEO friendly website is not as easy as it sounds. Mentioned below are some of the tips to create a good looking and SEO friendly website.

1. Make smaller size web pages Avoid using large volume of content in website. Large volume of content makes website heavy. Instead of using big content, you can use short and meaningful content to convey message of your website to visitors. Avoid using coding like CSS, JavaScript with in HTML page. You can use separate sheets for CSS and JavaScript files and link them with HTML file. Try to use one image once in the website. Use them as CSS coding in separate .css file so that visitors call them and execute separately.

2. Keywords Optimization

Content of the website must be based on keywords. For that you have to research over internet for keywords using either 3rd party tool or your own experience. Use of keywords in URL is also beneficial for better SEO.

3. Page Navigation Well structured web pages and easy navigation are is very important. It makes your website user friendly. Website must be well organized and structured so that visitors could reach you easily.

4. Select theme for your website For developing a website, you first need to plan the theme for the website. Designing a website without any theme can create problems for the developer. So, it should be the first priority to select theme according to your business goals.

5. Attractive interface While designing a website keep in mind that website should be attractive and user friendly. Do not try to add heavy animated images on your website. It may bring you bad result in terms of SEO ranking.

6. Buy online templates Buying templates is also a good option if you are not able to select layout for website. Templates are pre-designed layouts. It helps in designing layouts for rest of the pages.

7. Web host

There are numbers of sites which provide web hosting facilities for free, without placing advertisements on the web pages. If you are looking for a business web design, you should go for a good hosting service.

All the above given tips can help you a lot in designing good looking and SEO friendly website. Updating your website regularly is very important as it will motivate the visitors to visit again to your website.

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