Tips To Improves Urinary Flow And Home Remedies For Urinary Tract Infection
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Your urinary tract system has many important functions, including flushing out and filtering toxins. The normal urinary output for most adults is around six cups a day, assuming you are getting the adequate eight glasses of water a day. There can be many reasons for decreased urinary flow, but increasing it can be easy and done by taking a few simple steps.

Tips to Improve Urinary Flow

  1. Drinking plenty of fluids will likely improve one’s flow of urine.

  2. Hot and cold compresses usually induce urination to flow.

  3. Allowing an individual to listen to running water also helps make them urinate.

  4. Avoid holding your urge to urinate because it can alter the urine flow and at the same time put you at risk for urinary infections.

Improve Urinary Flow

Keep a diary. Keeping a diary of your urine flow and symptoms can give you clues to the problem. If you try steps to increase flow, the diary can show which ones are having the most effect. If none is helping, it may show that you have an underlying health problem that needs diagnosis.

Ensure you are drinking plenty of water. The recommended amount is eight glasses of water a day, and at this rate you should be expelling six to seven cups of urine. Drinking water will help flush your urinary system and increase flow. If you already drink eight glasses a day, try increasing to 10 to 12 glasses to increase flow.

Apply a hot compress. A hot compress, such as a hot water bottle or heating pad, applied to the lower abdomen can help stimulate your urinary tract system. If you feel the urge to urinate but are having difficulty for any reason, apply the hot compress and gently massage the lower abdomen for about 15 minutes to try to get urine flowing.

Avoid salt. As part of increasing your hydration, try to eliminate high-sodium, salty foods, which can dehydrate you. Also try to avoid alcoholic beverages, as these can cause dehydration. Drink one to two glasses of cranberry juice a day. Cranberry juice has been found to have cleansing properties for your urinary tract system. It can help aid in production and filtration and keep your system healthy, which will help ward off infections that can cause decreased urine flow. You can also try taking cranberry supplements daily instead of drinking juice. Supplements can be found at most health food stores.

Try listening to running water. The sound of running water, such as from a tap, can sometimes trigger urinary flow as your mind associates the sound with urination. You can try running your tap, or you can even purchase tapes that have sounds of running water, such as relaxation tapes, which will help relax your body and stimulate the urge to urinate.

If you are still having difficulty with urination, make an appointment with your doctor and make sure you bring your urination diary with you to show your doctor the steps you've been taking. This will help a quicker diagnosis.

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