Tips To Kiss A Girl For Making Love
Dr.Mike • onLove & Harmony 8 years ago • 3 min read

There are kisses for just about every emotion and occasion and maybe considered cultural or - the greeting kiss on the cheek, the maternal kiss on the forehead, an affectionate kiss on the lips, the kiss of death-- but on those certain occasions when you want to communicate passion and, maybe, lust, not just any kiss will do. You need a fiercely passionate kiss. If done incorrectly, these kisses can turn out being gross or sloppy, but when performed with skill and feeling, there is no greater expression of love. Here's how to do it right.

  1. Keep your breath fresh. Make sure to brush your tongue each time you brush your teeth, and do both regularly. If you'll be meeting your girl later, avoid foods with powerful scents like garlic and onions. For a quick freshness boost, keep mints or gum handy but remember that those are only aides to support the good habits above.

  2. Pick the right moment. Watch for signs that your girl is feeling close to you, such as: smiling & laughing in conversation; touching your arm; or leaning her head on your shoulder.

  3. Start slowly. Don't surprise your girl with a first kiss. Send nonverbal signals to let her know what you're thinking, such as: leaning in towards her or holding her hand and gently tugging it toward you. Do not go for more "sensitive" areas like the hips, butt, or breasts.

  1. Wait for her to respond. If she matches your action, that's the signal she's ready. If she doesn't lean in toward you or turns her head away, the time isn't right. Do not force the kiss on her; that's a sure way to make sure you never get a second kiss.

  2. Kiss the girl. Start with a short, closed-mouth kiss. If she responds well, do another short kiss. Continue this, and as long as she's still into it feel free to start making your kisses longer. An important part of kissing is to always move slowly. Fast moves get you rejected; slow moves turn your girl on and open the door for more.

  3. How far will you go? Don't expect too much on your first kiss. A short closed-mouth kiss is a great start. Several is even better. If it goes further than that, congratulations! As long as your girl is responding positively, you can continue to get closer. Open your mouth slightly and see if she does the same. Even if you move to the open-mouth kiss, don't use your tongue for a while. It's a whole separate step.

  4. If you've been open-mouth kissing for a little while, you can try using your tongue. First, gently touch your tongue to her lips as a signal that you want to use your tongue. If she does the same, that's her signal that it's ok. Start tracing your tongue slowly and softly over her lips. Make sure any contact between your tongue and hers is soft. As you continue to kiss, you can slowly increase the force of your tongue.

  5. Throughout the kissing, make sure your hands match what your lips are doing. For short kisses, keep your hands to yourself. As the kisses get longer and open mouth begins, "safe" areas like arms, shoulders, and legs below the knee are ok. Touching her face at this point is also good. As you start with the tongue, you can include the legs just above the knee or her waist. Stay away from the hips, butt and breasts until after you've been using the tongue for a while.


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