Tips To Lose Face Fat And Double Chin
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Chubby cheeks look cute only up to a certain age after which they are given appropriate term 'face fat'. Not only do these layers of fat hide a person's cheekbones but also refuse to let him or her have a prominent jaw line. There are some simple exercises, which help a person get that fat off his face.

Women especially have the tendency of having swollen faces. Water retention is major causes behind that puffy face. Lack of proper diet, sleep or exercise is immediately reflected on a person's face.

Fat on the face can make the skin appear lose and saggy. To give it a toned look, one needs to do cardio exercises regularly. Walking or running on the treadmill, cycling and doing aerobic exercises are some of the best ways to get the appealing display of cheekbones. For the best results two minutes of walking must be alternated with two minutes of running on the treadmill.

A high carbohydrate diet does more harm to a person's body. Not only does it result in weight gain but also makes a person feel lethargic and drowsy, bringing his activity levels.

How to Lose Double Chin 1. Throw your head backwards gently till you feel a strain on neck. Push your lower jaw forward and backward. This must be done whenever you are exercising or whenever you get the time, as many times as you can. 2. Check your posture while sitting or standing, as an improper posture can also be the reason behind a double chin. If done regularly, these exercise which are simple to follow, can help in defining the frame of a person's face by making his cheekbones and jaw line more prominent.


The following includes 7 tips on how to lose a double chin: 1. First and foremost, if the double chin was not there before extra weight was added, losing that weight would be the sole answer in how to lose a double chin. 2. Something as simple as changing posture will eliminate the double chin appearance. 3. A change is the usual hair style will also make that double chin appear to slim down a bit. Certain hairstyles for certain shaped faces will bring less attention to the added chin. 4. Wearing upper body clothing with a certain neckline will ease down the extra chin. Avoiding turtlenecks is how to lose a double chin appearance. a scooped or v-neck top would bring less attention to the neck. 5. Even the thinnest of people are sometimes predisposed to having facial fat. Learning facial muscle exercises is how to lose face fat. 6. There are also double chin exercises which will tighten the neck muscles and trim the double chin bulge back to single chin 7. How to lose a double chin has much to do with accessories. Wear jewelry which hangs down lower rather than chokers which bring attention to the neckline.

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