Tips To Play Casio Keyboard
Dr.Mike • onGeneral 8 years ago • 2 min read

Casio makes workstation-like keyboards for musician hobbyists and also simple keyboards for children to explore music. The devices can have hundreds of built-in tunes, rhythms and tones to play along with. The more sophisticated ones have chorus digital effects, audio inputs for an MP3 player, line outputs and a USB port for midi. If you're just starting, one of the simplest models is a mini-keyboard.

Tips to play Casio Keyboard

  1. Ensure the keyboard power is off and remove the battery compartment cover. Load the batteries.

  2. Turn the power switch on and adjust the volume to a medium setting. It defaults at maximum when you turn the keyboard on.

  1. Take a look at the tone list. It will be printed on a label on the front of the keyboard. The sound produced when you press a key depends on where the key is. The keys on the left side of the keyboard are low range and the keys on the right side are high range. "Bass/Piano" will assign two different sounds. If you press keys on the left side---the low range side---you get bass and if you press keys at the right you get piano tones. It's the same with "Rock Drum." Bass, snare , hi-hat and cymbal are all played from left to right.

  2. Press the button marked "Tone" and then enter the tone number. For example, press 23 for the flute.

  3. Play on the keyboard. The notes you play will appear on the staff notation on the display.

  4. Choose a song-bank tune by pressing the "Song Bank" button and entering the two-digit song number. Press the Start/Stop button and listen to the song. Look at the display for the staff notation. Press the Start/Stop button when you've heard enough.

  5. Play along with a song bank tune. Press the "Melody Off" button and then press the "Start/Stop" button. The keyboard will play a pre-count and then play the accompaniment part of the tune.

  6. Play along and press "Start/Stop" when you're done.


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