Tips To Prevent And Avoid Back Pain
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Avoid Back Pain: Optimal stand, sit properly, are the best - if you're good to his cross is often permanently free from pain. The most important tips to help you get through the day relaxed.

The cross with the cross has become a people suffering 80 percent complaining about back pain during their lifetime, especially women between 30 and 60 years. Many false movements, posture - at some point, the spine is then overloaded. But back pain should not be!

The alarm clock rings. A new day begins. But wait: Do not jump out of bed! Be sure to include your back once a little time to wake up properly. Stretching and stretch - that's the best thing you can do now. All the ligaments and muscles shorten, and are limited by their mobility. Only through the morning stretching and stretching the muscles and thus the back brought up to speed.

If you want to rise from lying: you slide to the edge of the bed and turn to the side. Support yourself with your hands from the side and lift it so your upper body. Stay just sitting, so that the cycle is being driven.

The rigid posture in the car caused tension. Especially important for frequent travelers: A good car seat and the right attitude. * The car seat set as high as possible. * The backrest should form an angle of about 110 degrees to the seat. Always slide all the way back to the back. * The steering wheel can be achieved with slightly bent arms. * The pedals should be available with slightly bent legs.

Go on foot is always good! Congratulations: Who's going to foot does, his back good. A heavy bag slung over one page, but harmful. Best is a backpack.

Who is sitting at the desk, above all? The majority of the population now works in a sitting position. Some basic rules to prevent back pain: * Change often as possible, the seating position, the best stand up in between times. * The seat must be high enough to make your thighs and your lower leg at right angles. * The soles of the feet should all be on the floor. Small people can use a footstool to make this posture. * Armrests relieve the spine, because then the muscles are not always the weight of the arms have to bear.

Those who are usually at work must: * Stand as upright as possible. * Let your shoulders sag not forward, but push it back. * Stand so that your feet are hip distance apart. * Try to always loose, with, to not stand on knees. * Let us play your muscles! Shifting your weight from side to side. * If possible, walk off and be placed on a small stool. * Enter possible only flat, comfortable shoes.

After work drive sport - the back is looking forward! Well suited is especially cycling. The movement also strengthens the muscles and the spine is relieved. Take care when cycling but the fact that you are sitting as upright as possible and that your back is straight. To achieve such a sitting position, the handlebars about 20 centimeters higher than the top of saddle.

Relax on the sofa Relaxing on the couch is fine. Just make sure that the back is not slack. If necessary, you can push them a cushion in the lumbar region. Important: you should now and then back and forth and get up later than an hour for a quick walk around a bit - if only the short walk to the kitchen or the bathroom.

Snuggle into bed It depends on the correct sleep position. The best thing is to lie out flat on his back. The pillow should be neither too large ideal: 80x40 cm, be too hard yet.

EXTRA TIP: lift heavy objects correctly The body as close to the object and always straight. The feet with the foot flat on the floor. Grasp the object with both hands. Express yourself with the strength of your legs upward. When raising your trunk and abdominal muscles tense. This will stabilize your spine and made it easier.

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