Tips To Stay Happy And Positive In Life
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Positivity in life is a trait that needs to be mastered than acquired by birth. You need constant investment in yourself and your thoughts to stay Positive and Optimistic. Happiness does relate to positivity and goes a long way to help you become a happy person. Happiness is in thoughts, its in our mind that comes out and shows up in many forms.

A happy person is always happy no matter what the situation is and it has significant amount of impact on his conduct, actions, health and outlook towards life. It is like releasing the venom inside your mind and giving way to thoughts that makes us nothing but happy.

Tips to stay happy

  1. Take time to acknowledge personal accomplishments and celebrate success in a manner that can strengthen relationships. Keeping good social and personal relations are very effective means avoiding stress.

  2. Take good care of yourself. When you feel good, you also feel good and vice versa. Love yourself each day. Tell yourself ‘I love you’ and give yourself a hug everyday.

  3. Wear a smile everyday, compliment at least one person in the day, greet people, and take each day as the first day of the rest of your life. Do something new every day or as often as you can.

  4. Practice self-help methods, like writing journals, being passionate about work, taking on some hobbies, improving social life by meeting up with friends and relatives.
  5. Figure out your fun quotient of the day.

  6. Avoid procrastinations and perfectionism.

  7. Eat healthy and exercise regularly. For this, all one needs to do is wear one’s exercise shoes and step on one’s treadmill for a few minutes or even better, jog on beautiful beach side.

  8. Avoid addictions or any such risk-driven activity.

Here is some food for thought:

  1. Be assertive instead of being aggressive.

  2. Control anxiety by identifying one’s irrational thoughts and beliefs and rectifying them.

  3. Instead of cribbing, accept loss gracefully and move on with life.

  4. Replace low self-esteem with good-self image by always choosing to think positive, strengthening your talents and learning from your mistakes.

  5. Overcome ‘boredom’ with introduction of changes and passion in life.

  6. When feeling sad or low, you can have an attitude towards good thingsof life, and observing how you are better compared to some others who are not.

Do not base your happiness solely on material possessions. Learn how to be happy from within. Focus on the good things in your life, like your health. Develop a sense of well-being from within. Don't live with the attitude of greed or excess. There is enough for everyone. Give away things that you don't need that are still valuable and can be used by other people. Become earth friendly and recycle. Become more connected to your environment and community. Take care of yourself and others.

Create affirmations and get in touch with your God centeredness. Utilize what you have to create wealth. Avoid negative people who constantly talk about the recession and enjoy being miserable. Bless these people with love and be on your way. Connect with like minded people. This is how you will stay happy and positive during the recession.

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