Top 10 Lemon Water Benefits
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Lime, or Citrus Aurantifolia as it is scientifically known, has been in use since time immemorial. A lot can found on the internet about the Top 10 Lemon Water Benefits. Its benefits include treating scurvy, improving digestion, and adding gloss to the skin, weight reduction so on and so forth. Lime contains about 5% citric acid, which imparts the pungent sour taste. Other note worthy constituents are – vitamins B, C, riboflavin, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, carbohydrates and proteins.

Here is the list of Top 10 Lemon Water Benefits:

• Treating scurvy: scurvy is a disease of the lips and mouth caused due to the deficiency of vitamin c. its symptoms include cracked lips , bleeding gums, apart from tastelessness and ulcers in the tongue. • Improving digestion: lime added to Luke warm water aids in digestion and is known to relieve constipation. It is widely used in curing liver diseases as it helps in the production of bile and improve peristaltic motion. • Curing peptic ulcers: flavanoids present in lime is an important constituent in curing peptic ulcers as they have antioxidant, detoxifying, and anti biotic properties.

• Curing urinary disorders: lime contains a large amount of potassium which imparts in it the ability to remove the toxic deposits on the kidney walls. It also eliminates the deposition of calcium in the urinary tract, which may lead to difficulty in urination. • Treats piles: the basic causes of piles include ulcers in the walls of the intestine and rectum, since lime cures these two as mentioned above, it can be concluded that it also cures pikes. • Weight loss: a cup of lime water acts as an excellent fat burner, when combined with a nominal 30 min exercise it produces extraordinary results. • Skin care: as mentioned earlier lime has flavanoids inn it which imparts lusture to the skin apart from keeping body odor and infections at bay. • Relives congestion: sour throat and congestion can be cured by the use of a strong cup lime water. The presence of kaempferol is the reason for such use, all though it may be quite against the common knowledge that lime can cause flu. • Lowers blood cholesterol : the fruit contains pectin which is effective in lowering blood cholesterol • Prevents cataracts: when diluted and administered to the eye it prevents the formation of cataracts and is also known to cure conjunctivitis.

Other benefits are it cures hiccups, breaks down gall stones, trets tonsillitis.

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