Top 10 Secrets How To Turn Him On
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Do not fret ladies for these ten secrets will not embarrass you or make you uncomfortable if you are shy. Once you realize that your partner, no matter how "manly" he may seem, enjoy being pampered and have a soft side you will be well on your way to discovering the simple secrets how you can really do to turn him on.

  1. The first secret is all about you and how you present yourself. Well, men like women who have self respect. If you show up for a date with all your goodies on display that will certainly turn on a guy however, your date may not last as long as you'd like.

Dress sexy but leave something to the imagination. Give your guy something to think about and look forward to during the date. Showing a little cleavage or a little leg will allow for the tension to build throughout the date.

  1. The casual playful touch, the gentle stroke of your hand across his cheek, touch his arm when you laugh at his jokes, lean in close so your guy can feel your breath on his neck and face and eye contact can be very powerful often times the eyes speak a lot more words.
  1. A confident woman who is independent and enjoys taking care of herself is a huge turn on for most men. Gone were those days women need a man beside her for every little thing. A confident, self supporting woman who marches to her own beat is what men are looking for, not a weak little insecure porcelain doll that needs to be lead around by the hand.

  2. Attractive women come in all sizes and shapes not every woman looks like she just stepped off the cover a magazine. However, if a woman makes the effort to look her best and feels good about her it shows and that is indeed to attract or turn him on.

  3. An adventurous and spontaneous woman who is not afraid to try new things or tread where few women dare to go is a woman worth pursuing. Adventure and spontaneity keep a relationship alive and going strong.

  4. Talk dirty to me baby! Is a wish every man wants fulfilled? Men do it all the time, take a lesson, lean in close and whisper those “naughty” words in his ear and watch his expression. This works best in a public place it not only turns a guy on it creates a sense of excitement and danger of getting caught.

  5. A woman who can express her sexual desires through spoken words alone has the ability to turn on any man or guy. The more descriptive you can be with what you want from him the better.

  6. The scent of a woman is also a very powerful tool. So ladies choose your perfume wisely you don’t want to smell like a cheap hooker nor do you want to smell like your laundry detergent, choose a few nice light but memorable scents.

  7. A sense of humor is a must. A man loves a woman who has a little wit and doesn’t turn three shades of red when she hears a dirty joke. If you can tell a dirty joke all the better!

  8. Cliché or not a man is always turned on by a woman who can be herself. You’re one in a million; don’t try to be someone else!

These ten (10) secrets will definitely work to turn him on every time like magic.

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