Top 5 Features You Must Have In Your Mobile Phone
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Are you thinking of getting yourself a new cell phone? If you are then there are a few basics that you need to look at, with regards to its features, the current brand and the characteristics in a particular model that could appeal to your requirements. Ofcourse you may or may not find all of these features in a single cellphone, however make sure you have the basic features listed.

Make sure you make a list of 5 important cellphone features before you even choose to buy a mobile phone.

Data Communications – Communication is the basic feature you need to look for in your cellphone. A few characteristics this category you will want to look for are voice calls, SMS, WAP, GPRS, so you can connect to the Internet, or Bluetooth cable to connect to the Internet; Qwerty keyboard, 3G and 2G. In short your cellphone should be able to connect to a network no matter which city or country you take it to.

Data Transfer: Ability to transfer data files and even music or video files from one phone to the other or to your computer is also essential. Features you would want to look for include MMS, which enables you to receive and/or send pictures and videos; Bluetooth, that is responsible for transferring files between short distances; GPS receivers connected to cell phones that will help during times of emergency or even disasters. Another feature you might want to look for is infrared, that will allows you send or receive files using Bluetooth over a shorter range.

Built in camera: A cell phone and a camera in a single gadget is now no longer a luxury but a necessity. Cellphones with camera that have 8mp resolutions are now available. It will not just allow you to store images and video but its quality is excellent as well. Make sure there is enough storage space so that you can store as much files and information on your cell phone.

Operating System: Performance and the type of applications that are on your cell phone all depend largely on the operating system enabled on your cellphone. Just like computers, the Operating system and software platforms are shared by many manufacturers. Some popular operating systems are Microsoft Windows Mobile, Android OS, Linux, RIM, Symbian OS and IOS. Currently Windows Mobile and Android are the most popular.

Multimode / multi-band: Multimode / multi-band characteristics are marked by two, tri or quad marker. Mobile phones were invented using the radio frequency and telephone concept, the one that works on a single frequency are the single band phones. In this way, multimode / multiband mobile phones and radio frequencies are also used in analog networks such as AMPS 800 / 800 CMDA / CMDA in 1900. Choose the multiplayer mode for good roaming and mobile telephony this will helps in giving you good GSM coverage.

With these splendid features on your mobile phone, you can be sure you have the best deals in terms of mobile phone features. The good thing about this technology is that since it is evolving you can get multiple features on a single phone. You now no longer have to carry multiple gadgets when on the move. Be sure to check out the latest offers available in the market to get the best set of features at a pocket-friendly price.

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