Top 5 Usability Testing Tools For Website Development
Rubi • onIt & Systems 8 years ago • 4 min read

The core of a good web development lies in its usability. Sometimes it is much easier to use a few tools to tell you where your website development is going right and where it needs improvement. For those who do not want to hire usability experts, here is the fast way to test your websites usability.

Let us have a look at five top most usability-testing tools for website development:

  • Usabilla: Usabilla is a free immoderate remote usability tool helps researchers to collect feedback for a web page or image from a viewer. With usabilla you can track and visualize users click and perform qualitative analysis asking single users specific questions. It is available in over 20 languages. At the end of this test, you can get a detailed report that collects all data and insights gathered and it can be downloading in pdf or txt files. It captures both quantitative and qualitative data. Throughout this whole process, your user can provide you written feedback on specific content components they find ambiguous or difficult to utilize.
  • Five second test: Five seconds test is a usability testing tool that helps researchers to upload screenshots of their websites and get feedback on the but the people who view these screenshots, have only 5 seconds to view one shot and then give feedback. This test is free of cost, uses the concept of displaying screenshots, and let users make an impression in just a few seconds of the website they saw. The two ways in which this test is conduct one is visual and other is click test. However, there is a single draw back that for general users it does not provide ratings from other reviewers.
  • Loop11 beta: Loop11 is usability-testing tool that involves actual users to analyze and review your website that is why it is unique. The user has to do a simple task and this software is not requiring loading on website. The results provide by loop11 are accurate as the test is done by real users. The data is presented via reports of task completion rate, time on task, common fail pages, paths and a nice detailed path analysis for each other. Each loop11 test project costs a $350 and the researcher can get more than thousand participants per project. This is simple to use and no code is required.
  • Google analytics: Google analytics is an easy to use free usability testing tool that provides a comprehensive set of website data tracking and analysis tools. The reports of this test can help determine behavior , trends and any red-flag issues. As it is free, it provides a good set of web data. It can be used by any website owner that does not already have a web analytics tool. Researchers who want to understand the user behavior can use this tool to gather a great amount if usage stats and reports. However, it will not identify the why of user behavior.
  • Google website optimization: Good website optimizer is a free A/B and multivariate-testing tool that enables testing of what if scenarios. It also helps you to compare and test different website layouts showing each one to separate group of visitors. HTML code is providing which will add to your existing web page code. This way you can analyze which design and specific elements inside your pages lead to higher conversion rates and need to improve. After a certain amount of visits are record the performance of two web pages is analyze and a winner is select using the simple report. PixelCrayons is a Web Designing Delhi Company. PixelCrayons provides affordable web design service, custom website development solutions, website development services India, web development Delhi, website redesign services and more.


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