Tourist Attractions In Srinagar - 6 Best Visiting Spots
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Srinagar is the Jammu and Kashmir Capital which is located at the Kashmir valley. It is much nearly connected to Pakistan and so known as sensitive town. Srinagar was specially designed by Mughals as a summer resort. It is the largest city of India which has minority Hindu community located in it.

Srinagar since edges is known for Apple gardens, Kashmiri handicrafts, Lakes, Dry fruits, beautiful sceneries and house boats. Jammu and Kashmir is known as "Heaven on earth" for tourists so as Srinagar. City is located on the both sides of river Jhelum. Weather of Srinagar contains mild summer and heavy winter. Following are the view tourist's attraction in Srinagar.

Dal Lake

Dal Lake in Srinagar is a 9.6 miles wide Lake accompanied by few water floating gardens, hotels, house boats and mini islands. It is visitor’s favorite in summers due to different species of rarely seen floating flowers on the Lake water. Houseboats are added attraction of Dal Lake. Tourists generally rent Houseboats during their whole stay at Srinagar. Houseboats are complete mini cottages which takes you to visit at different attractive places of Dal Lake. Fishery and gardening are also small businesses developed in Dal Lake.

Wular Lake

Wular Lake is a large freshwater lake from 12 to 100 Square miles Area. It is feed by river Jhelum on intervals. Wular Lake is known for different water creatures and birds who are visiting the Lake frequently. Common crap, Rosy Barb, mosquitofish and various snow tours species are found in the lake water. Maximum of fishery business is obtained by Wular Lake due to different species of fishing availability.

Hazzaratbal Shrine

Hazzarat Shrine is a Muslim religious holistic place situated at the bank of Dal Lake. It is a must watch place if you are really fond of watching Kashmir carving work at this historical places.

Shnkhacharya Temple

Shankhacharya temple is a Hindu temple situated in Srinagar which is denoted to Lord Shiva. It is assumed that this temple was built in back 200 Bcs. The temple was visited by Hindu Prophet Adishankaracharya and since then it is associated with his name.

Jama Masjid

Jama Masjd is a mosque situated in the middle of the city Srinagar. It is assumed to be built in 1400 Ad by Sultan Sikandar. It has spectacular courtyard and 370 wooden carved pillars. There is a legend that this mosque was spoiled thrice and every tome it come out as it was in restoration. The last restoration of this mosque was done by Hindu King Maharaja Pratap. This ancient historical mosque has capacity to accommodate more than 30 thousand people praying together to Allah.


This ancient impressive mosque is built by wooden carving work all around. It is said that Kanquah-e-Mulla contains the "secrets of God".

It is always advisable to visit this place when there is peace from the tension of India- Pakistan. Jammu and Kashmir reputation has been spoiled because of communal riots taking place often in Kashmir Valley. Though Srinagar the peaceful place to visit and spend time. Srinagar is very well connected directly with Air, road and Rail transportation facilities.

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