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India is a mystical land which attracts a lot of tourists towards its glorious country parts. In such situation the railways network play an important role as trains have become the major mode of transport to provide a comfortable journey to the citizens as well as the travelers who come to this country from all over.

To closely observe the Indian lifestyle, visitors choose the railways network as they give them a fair chance to observe closely the diversified cultural lifestyle of colorful society. But not all of them wish to travel through the packed trains as they desire to have a luxurious journey and do not prefer to compromise with their privacy, hygiene and comfort. For such visitors a wide range of luxury trains are available in India that takes care of their comfort and makes their trip to India one of the most memorable journeys of their life.

The luxury trains take the tourists on a journey which is very well organized and keeps them away from tension. These trains head towards the important destinations of India while the passengers are asleep. In the morning they reach the next destination and enjoy sightseeing there. During all this the royal facilities onboard takes good care of them and adds excitement to the journey.

The most famous luxury train is the Palace on Wheels, on board it narrates to you the epics of royal heroes and covers the historical destinations of Rajasthan, thus enhancing the train ambience. It covers the three most celebrated states of North India, Delhi, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh.

The other popular train is The Golden Chariot that takes you on the tour to southern India. It brings to life the golden times of the Karnataka Rulers. The interiors are inspired from the Mysore and Hoysala architecture. This train has derived its name from the famous world heritage site in Hampi, the Stone Chariot and begins its journey from Bangalore taking the travelers to the most popular destinations of this part of India.

Similarly, Deccan Odyssey represents the great times of the Marathas and takes you through the lanes of various cities of Maharashtra. The journey begins every Wednesday from Mumbai and returns back to it on the seventh day.

Apart from these trains, Fairy Queen, Royal Rajasthan on Wheels and Indian Maharaja are the rest of the options available in the list of these lavish trains. The coaches are equipped with modern amenities like Wi-Fi connectivity, LCD televisions, DVD, private bathrooms, personal attendants available all the time, delicious cuisines, bar, lounges, conference coach, gymnasium and spa thus treating you like a king/queen onboard.

The destinations they cover are equally magnificent. The excursions are planned in a manner to cover important areas like majestic palaces, glorious historical monuments, Churches, Temples with architectural brilliance, rich wildlife, interesting art forms and spiritual places. Expedition becomes more interesting and comfortable with the lavish rail transport facility as it unravels the best options for the backpackers and makes sure that they go back with an everlasting impression of this spectacular country.

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