Travel Tips For Sweet Honeymoon
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Surely all you future grooms looking at various travel brochures and dream the moment you finish your wedding day and enjoy the sun on a deck at an exotic beach. Curb!

You need to be more practical choices for your honeymoon, as approach the wedding day. Following tips which will hopefully help you on your honeymoon without encounter obstacles.


Maximize your time: You have time for a little getaway? Not spend half the time of your journey to go and return. If you only want to do is relax A long trip would be unnecessary and tedious after a grueling wedding planning. In addition, do not select a hotel two hours away from the airport. And be sure to check well that part go, that time is always open, shops, banks, museums;

Travel off-season

Choose a destination or a cruise, which is a period off-season Before and after high season, And of course to coincide with the dates you want better prices and less crowded. Choose an area off-season where the euro is very possible. The drawbacks ? Seasonal businesses may be closed and the weather is awful up by nasty.

Cash in! That credit card you used relentlessly for wedding preparations is ready for airfare, hotel, rental and requirements of the car. Ask about any partnerships with car companies and hotels and Spare time to attend a reward or bonus you can win. Another way to take advantage of the touch with a large travel agency. Travel agents can save you money on tickets packages / residence, placing greater and better facilities and offer you a first class experience. They can also keep you informed about the last-minute deals and packages too. If you choose someone, you should tell the agent your credit in order to know fully what it can offer and what to cut from your selections.

Call the hotel directly. Most major hotel chains have a free phone number to which you can call and find out much information. In these lines might not be able to tell you for certain benefits, but rates will definitely be able to form a very good view. To negotiate a better price is better to contact the owner, which is impossible for very long chains. Please indicate when booking that you find a honeymoon and not likely to win a free upgrade or provision.

Life & emotion Do not let the real life (Theft, lost luggage, purses) Affect the trip your honeymoon. Do these four important things before you leave: Determine a budget, Know your limits (Check balances and limits on credit cards), Use traveler's checks and obtain cash middle of your card ATM. Keep a copy of this list, and a photocopy of your passport in your room and someone near your face.

Ready for boarding Apart from check in and wake you from the safety of the airport will take you two hours more These days it is known that many times the security personnel can open all the bags and inspect the shoes of everyone boarding the plane. The full research body is also common May be accidental or suspected for any reason. If you need a bag with you, avoid tweezers, Scissors and other cutting objects. In addition, any metal in any outfit you are likely to operate the alarm, so try not to have it with you.

The compromise is the key Divide the hours of days. Enjoy your breakfast together, do activities that everyone likes and meet over dinner. At can be scheduled one day, one can arrange another. Do not fighting, balance! Remember, also, that the separation for a few hours may. If one of you is tired and the other is straight in action, discover a wonderful place for dinner or a stroll on the beach, where the other would take a nap. The Reunification your will be more very sweet. Do not overdo it This can be difficult not to want to see them all live, especially if you travel to a distant place. Who knows when it will come back? You can sleep later, right? Wrong. Allow yourself to relax, at least for a time. You spend and you both many months of stress and fatigue with work and preparations of the wedding. You both win you the opportunity to enjoy this very romantic trip of your life

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