Treat Headache And Migraine Naturally With Effective Home Remedies
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Headache and migraine are a common problem and each of us has confronted with them many times. Know the natural home remedies to treat headache.

Headache and migraine are a common ailments and each of us has confronted with them many times. A headache generally occurs in a single area of the head. Migraine is generally connected to digestion disorders, sight and liver. Sometimes migraines are provoked by stress, great mental tensions, and overworked muscles in the neck and head.

Headaches can be easy treated with natural remedies. Avoiding stress and a right home treatment can help you to get rid of headaches without side effects.

  1. Lemon has proved to be a great remedy in headache provoked by liver problems. Drink a glass of lemon juice whenever you have a headache. Lemon skin is also beneficial. Grind the lemon skin and mix the powder with 1 tbsp of water. Apply the paste on your temples and you will feel relived by headache during the summer days. Sandalwood paste can be also very efficient in headaches caused by the summer day heat.

  2. The daily consumption of apples can help you to avoid the unpleasant headaches.

  3. Prepare a paste from cinnamon and water and apply it on your neck and head. To prepare the paste you need 1 tbsp of sandalwood powder and one tbsp of water. Apply the remedy on the temple and keep it until it got dry. Wash it off with water.

  4. Massage your temples with coconut oil and you will get relief during the summer days. Herb oils as lavender oil, Eucalyptus oil, almond oil are very efficient in treating headache.

  5. You can also prepare a paste from cinnamon or ginger to get rid of headache in winter time.

  6. Cumin, coriander seeds and ginger teas are of a great help whenever we confront with a headache.

  7. Add 5 flax seeds in a glass of warm tea and you will get relief from headache.

  8. Lavender, sandalwood, lavender and many other herbal aromas can be also used when we have a headache.

  9. If you soak your legs in warm water or you will use herbal soaps for your bathes you can treat headaches permanently.

  10. If you have a migraine you can get a great relief using ripe grapes juice. Grind the fresh grapes and drink the juice. Don't add water.

  11. Niacin has great medicinal effects in alleviate the pain provoked by migraine. Tomatoes, sunflower seeds, whole wheat, liver, green leafy vegetables, yeast, and yeast are valuable sources of niacin.

  12. Compresses with cabbage leaves are often used in migraine treatments. Take some cabbage leaves and crush them. Put the crushed leaves in a cloth and apply the compress on your forehead. Keep the compress on your forehead for a while.

  13. Vegetables juices are of a great help in treating migraine. Combine carrot juice with beet, cucumber or spinach juice. For example mix 300 ml carrot juice with 200 ml spinach and drink this juice when you confront with a migraine. You can also prepare a juice from 100 ml beet juice, 100 ml cucumber juice and 300 ml carrot juice. This remedy effects are very efficient offering relief from migraine in a short time.

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