Treatment For Hypertension And High Blood Pressure
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What Hypertension? Hypertension is a fancy medical word for high blood pressure. Your blood carries nutrients and oxygen to your body, and to take the waste, such as carbon dioxide. The heart pumps blood through "pipes" - the blood vessels called arteries and the blood returns to heart via veins. Blood pressure is the "push" the blood on the walls of arteries. It's good to have blood pressure - if blood pressure is zero; this means that there is no blood moving through the arteries! But as the water pipes in a house, if the blood is pushed too hard in the walls of the vessels could be damaged.

Extra pressure may also contribute to blood clots that block blood flow required to brain. Hypertension can lead to dangerous conditions, including heart failure (when the heart has to work very hard just to get the blood moving around the body), stroke (interference with blood flow to the brain), and renal disease, to name few. How do I know if I'm in danger? While having a family history of hypertension may increase the risk for hypertension, not all People with hypertension have family members with it.


Hypertension is generally "asymptomatic" - most people have developed symptoms like - you control your blood pressure should be part of regular healthcare. How high blood pressure diagnosed? When your blood pressure is taken at a clinic or doctor's office, the result is a mysterious figure like this: 120 / 80The first / top number is called "systolic" (SIS-tall-ick) blood pressure; The second / bottom, diastolic pressure.

The American Heart Association recommends that the highest number in adults should not exceed 120 and the bottom no more than 80 (children have different areas of healthy blood pressure in different age groups - ask your pediatrician if you are concerned ). If your systolic pressure is between 140 to 159 and / or diastolic pressure is between 90 and 99 is considered mild hypertension. Moderate to severe hypertension, including systolic pressure above 160 and / or diastolic over 100.

The treatment of high blood pressure is one of the most important areas of modern medicine. Quality care and treatment of blood pressure can reduce the risk of death, the risk of stroke and the risk of heart attack or coronary disease. The British Hypertension Society produced guidelines in 2004.

This is what recommends. Blood Pressure Measurement all adults should have a blood pressure at least once every five years until the age of 80 - and more often thereafter. If blood pressure reading is borderline or high then the frequency of inspections should be increased to at least year. Nobody should be noted that he has high blood pressure If you do not sit at least four different indications confirm the problem.

Some people with suspected high blood pressure will need a twenty-four hours ambulatory blood pressure monitoring blood pressure check. High Treatment Lifestyle measures should form the initial basis of high blood pressure, loss treatment. Weight reduce levels of blood pressure almost everyone. High alcohol consumption has long been associated with high blood pressure readings. Diet should be modified to reduce salt intake, reducing saturated fats, increase fatty fish or fish oil capsules and increase consumption fresh fruits and vegetables.

Exercise - walking is best - for thirty minutes three times a week can significantly lower high blood pressure medicine levels. High blood pressure is a better choice than a physician with full access to your medical history and examination of any other health problems you may have. Most suffer from high blood pressure need more than one type of medicine to achieve good control of blood pressure. The target blood pressure level should be below 140/85 or below 130/80 if you suffer from diabetes and blood pressure.

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