Treatment Of Low Testosterone And Remedies To Increase Testosterone Level
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Testosterone is the hormone that defines a man and gives him the various functions and features male. A reduction in the level of this hormone may result in an adverse effect on the individual. It can often result in him having low self-esteem and can lead to depression. This however can be replaced with the use of specific creams.

The testosterone found in the body is a male hormone, and is used by the body in many different processes. Men need to regulate the hormone to fat, its muscle mass, blood pressure, libido and sexual prowess. It is very important when it comes to sex. Dysfunction in men can occur if testosterone reaches a level of extreme narrowing.

As far as increasing muscle mass and muscle strength is concerned, testosterone is the hormone that plays a more important role. The matter of fact is that this hormone can be increased naturally. Why people have to do is be in regular exercise program to achieve their fitness goals.

But they have to be disciplined and committed to your workout routine. Some people boost their testosterone using steroids or other artificial things, which may be illegal because of its harmful effect. Thus it is better to do something that can increase it naturally. There are some points in this regard that may be of great help:

1. Increase the number of meals: If a person is having two or three meals a day, he should start to 6 meals per day. Although a little difficult, it should do so, such as eating frequent meals of course regulate the metabolism and hormonal processes. 2. Meals with mono-saturated fats: There is a surprising fact about fat is the process that regulates hormone in the body. Fat is considered a micro nutrient that has the ability to raise the level of testosterone in the body. But for this mono-saturated fats are preferred. Peanuts, avocados, fish and healthy oils like flax seed, olive and canola contain essential fatty acids that must be taken regularly. 3. The intake of cruciferous vegetables: Plants such as broccoli, radishes, cauliflower, cabbage, turnips, and sprouts. They are known to decrease the estrogen level and increase the level of testosterone. However, soybean protein should be avoided as they may have adverse effects. 4. Just sleep everyday: At least 8 hours sleep is very important to recover from stress and physical effort. Indeed insomnia may reduce the levels of testosterone in 40%. 5. Compound exercises: The exercises are very important for those who want to increase hormone testosterone. But exercises are mainly for compounds which, like bench presses, Squats, dead lifts, and chin-ups, lines, depressions, Lung and military presses. 6. Do not over-drink: Alcohol has a big effect in reducing levels of testosterone. Thus, one should try to avoid it as much as a can. 7. Having sex Safe sex with your partner is a great help. Indeed sexual stimulation increases the secretion of oxytocin and endorphin, which boost levels of testosterone. Therefore, you should have sex at least once a week.

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