Treatment Of Sexual Problems Depends On The Cause Of The Problems
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The ads do not lie: every man is advised to extend his penis, issue this way than to experience sexual pleasure. But what is the truth of these ads? Is it really true that a longer penis actually goes hand and with increased sexual pleasure? Reality shows have something else to look.

There is one that suggests that a prolonged penile absolute power and domination in bed guarantees, with a marked improvement in sexual performance. Sex is thus presented as a power game, something it obviously is not.


Often look to wide men jealous sexgenoten created all events larger than themselves created. They forget, however, that the quality of sex in no way directly proportional to the length of the penis. According to sexologist, the problem of the length of the penis directly linked with that of other myths surrounding the sex doing the rounds.

Sexoloog and relationship therapist in San Francisco, points in that context to the role, for example the Disney movies have played with their happy-ever-after syndrome. Man and woman are as in love, marry and have children, and all proceeds go to little wheel. Problems with the length of the penis is because at no time there.

They are primarily intended to advertisers to earn money, any advantage of the customer only in second place. Men continue for some reason, however, seeking mammoth-like genitals, deep within them realizing that she will never find.

This is not the question of the length of the penis answered. Mital john says that the average erect penis length is 12 to 15 inches. This length is not a must, a smaller penis can function at least as good as a major. Women are not even very fond of men with large penis, because of the fact that the penetration painful than previously expired. Klein is also in the case of a penis fine. Mital john gets in his practice frequently ask for the erection pumps may prolong and similar products. Apparently, in the men's world many story about sex the round. He does not believe in all those tools that are supposed to enhance sexual pleasure.

Spend more time on the genitals can increase the pleasure of sex. He finds it surprising how little these days is still known of the functioning of the genitalia, both men and women. On that level, according to Mital john still a lot of pioneering work carried out.

Should we have to accede to proposals for an extension of the penis? Mital john gives no single answer to this question. Each must decide for themselves whether or not his penis will be renewed. In one breath he warns however, that such intervention should not expect miracles.

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