Trekking Tour In Snow Land Ladakh
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Bordered by two of the world's most influential mountain ranges - Great Himalayas and Karakoram, Ladakh is one of the most beautiful northern most states of India. This barren land has emerged out as a unique tourist destination known for its invincible beauty and adventure.

Famous for its high passes, snow covered mountain ranges, foaming rivers and serene valleys; this land is a paradise for adventure freaks. Leh, capital of this region gives a kick start to this adventurous trip. Trek up and down the beautiful mountains witnessing most artistically built monasteries, colorful markets, calm villages complimented by natural aura.

Trekkers get a plenty of opportunities here based on needs and requirements of every individual. Trekking tours can be as short as for one day or they can even last up to months. Utilize this time to explore traditions,cultures and lifestyles by choosing from various ways of trekking, like cycling, walking, rafting or riding.

Various routes where trekkers can indulge themselves into the craziness of adventure are:

  • Leh - Spituk - Jingchen - Ganda La - Shingo - Skiu - Markha - Tchatchutse - Nimaling - Shang - Hemis - Leh

  • Leh - Lamayuru - Wanla - Hinju - Sumdachrnmo - Sumdachun - Alchi - Leh

  • Leh - Indus Valley - Sabu - Diggar La - Diggar Lartsa - Agyam - Hotong - Hundar - Deskit - Samstanling - Sumur - Skarchen - Thanglesgo - Lasermo La - Murobok - Phyang - Delhi

  • Leh - Kargil - Padam - Stongze - Zangla - Zangla Sumdo - Tomtagh - Rubrang La - Markha - Thinlespa - Ganda La - Yurutse - Base Of Namlung La - Stok

  • Leh-Lamayuru - Lamayuru - Wanla - Hanupatta - Photoskar - Lingshed - Snertse - Hanumil - Pishu - Karsha - Padum - Mune - Ichar - Purne - Kargyan - Gonboranjan - Shinkul La - Rumjah - Palamo - Darcha - Manali

  • Hemis - Shang - Latza - Kongmaru - Langtang Chu - Sorra Dat - Lungo Che Lun - Takh - Baralacha La Darcha

  • Leh - Likir - Yangthang - Ang - Khaltse - Lamayuru - Leh

Almost all the treks are accessible for time period of March to October. One has to be well prepared before leaving for trekking tour. Most important thing to be kept in mind is that one should always allow his or her body to acclimatize to low oxygen level at this high altitude region. This is a common thing that everyone should take care of otherwise it can be harmful. Carry an adequate amount of food, water, high quality trekking boots, warm-waterproof clothing, water purification tablets, sleeping bags, ropes and other essential equipments for overnight camping.

Experience that one gets here is unparalleled and is certainly the best adventure lovers can expect from their vacations. Irresistibility of travelers towards this pristine land is evident from the fact that travelers come back again and again to get a rejuvenating experience. After this tour they return back to their land all refreshed and geared up for the challenges of life.

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