Trikaal Sandhya
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-Translated from a discourse given by Sant Shri Asaramji Bapu

In order to make life brighter, successful and progressive, one must do Trikaal Sandhya. Ten minutes before & ten minutes after the sunrise, ten minutes before & after noon, and ten minutes before & after sunset are considered to be very auspicious. Meditation, japa (repetition of the Holy Name), Pranayama done at this time is very helpful in opening doors of the Sushumna. The dormant energies and strength of a human being is awakened as soon as the doors of the Sushumna are opened.

The Rishis & Munis of ancient times used to do Trikaal Sandhya. Lord Vashishtha and Lord Rama used to do Trikaal Sandhya. Lord Rama used to take his lunch after his meditation in the afternoon.

It is very good if one washes hands & feet, drinks three sips of water and then sits for meditations and does Pranayama, Japa & concentration during these three times. If one is in office, then one can do these activities mentally. But one should do these definitely.

As one does not remain poor if one puts in efforts & works hard similarly Pranayama destroys all sins. As one becomes rich with efforts similarly Pranayama enhances the internal capabilities & strength. Chandogya Upanishads says that he who has become pure by doing Pranayama can understand the final discourse of his master and then can become one with the Supreme Soul.

There are three thousand small pores in the lungs of man. By breathing normally only 300-500 pores are utilised and therefore the immunity of the body decreases. Man becomes old and sick soon. Harmful addictions & bad habits also make the body weak & decrease immunity and thereby bacterial growth develops in the closed pores and increases the chances of diseases like tuberculosis & asthma.

But the closed pores of those who take deep breath get opened. As a result their efficiency increases, blood gets pure and they feel happier. Therefore there is the law of doing Pranayama during these three times in the day. The mind becomes pure and more concentrated with Pranayama and therefore the efficiency increases.

If a person does ten Pranayama each at these three times in a day, stays away from alcohol, non-vegetarian food, tobacco & other addictions, and also does not get involved in fashion for forty days, then he/she will have many wonderful experiences. Just experiment for forty days, you'll find many positive changes in your health, mind & attitude towards life. You will be happier and your memory will increase miraculously.

Pranayama increases the strength of all the cells of the body. The sins done unknowingly at night get destroyed with the pranayama done at sunrise. The faults from morning till noon get destroyed with pranayama at noon and the unknown sins from afternoon till evening get destroyed with evening pranayama. Thus the heart becomes more pure and happy.

These days€ â’ ’¹ people have forgotten about Trikaal Sandhya and that is why there is increase in negative attitude. Many people therefore are trying to find happiness in collection of material objects and in sleep & laziness. They are ruining the strength of their beautiful life in this way.

Pranayama develops physical strength, mental strength and memory. Swami Rama Teerth used to do pranayama early in the morning and then used to go for walk in the fresh air. Paramahansa Yogananda also used to do in the same way.

Swami Ram Teerth was a very intelligent student. Mathematics was his favorite subject. His name was Teerth Ram when he was a student. In an exam once the students were supposed to answer 9 out of 13 questions. He answered all of them and wrote a note for the teacher saying that, "All the 13 questions are answered correctly, check any 9 of them." Such was his self-confidence!

During these three times the door of the Sushumna is open therefore it helps in awakening the strength of the Kundalani. Meditation, japa & pranayama are useful at any time of the day but they are especially helpful if done at these three times. Trikaal Sandhya is very helpful for students also.

Therefore for overall progress the whole humanity should take the support of Trikaal Sandhya and awaken the moral, social & spiritual self.


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