TRS Leaders Strange New Arguments
Priyamani • onGeneral 9 years ago • 2 min read

TRS Leaders Strange New Arguments

Some Telangana leaders are making some strange arguments and claims these days. These arguments are so funny that one could not help wondering whether these people are in straight minds or not. Some of the arguments are

1) The middle class and lower class people are very happy. They say the reason is that as many IT companies and new factories would not come to Hyderabad in future the prices of lands and houses would fall dramatically and the poor can afford these lands.

2) TRS leaders claim that only they have the right to speak against everyone and anyone. But the Andhra and the Rayalaseema leaders does not have the right to speak against the Telangana leaders.

3) Telangana leaders say that they do not want development but only separate state. Some have even gone to the extent of saying that they do now mind if the poor remains poor in Telangana. All they want is separate Telangana.

4) They say that the Andhra and the Rayalaseema settlers should believe that they would provide security to them in a separate Telangana in spite of the fact that the KCR and the Telangana leaders have been spitting venom on the Andhra and other people in Hyderabad.

All these arguments make people wonder whether KCR and other leaders of the TRS party are in right state of mind or not.



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