True Freedom And The Nature Of Conditions....(any Condition)
lifeischoice institute • on 13 years ago • 2 min read

Conditions by their very nature have no intrinsic power. The power they seem to have are vested in them by the person experiencing the condition. This realization brings true freedom. The Freedom to experience the world as it is. Freedom comes, not in being able to control events to align them to what we want them to be, but to "AWAKEN YOUR POWER" to creatively "CHOOSE" how you react to or experience events. Reality is Supreme. Trying to change it is like banging your head against the wall. Relax! Everything is OK just the way it is. Because, it is just the way it is. If you don't like something the way it is, if you can change it fine, if not you can make a new decision to create something different. You're a Co-Creators of your life! When you realise that you're a co-creator, whenever, you notice what you don't like, rather than react to it, you can start by aligning your thought to CREATE the thing you want. The way you FEEL about what is in your experience right now is linked to what you THINK of it, what you THINK of it is linked to your BEHAVIOUR or ACTION. This is a LOOP. Know how to break the LOOP by changing how you THINK about the condition, since how you think affects how you feel and how you feel affects what you do!

Imagine you are watching fans returning from a game. Some will feel happy; others sad and still others may destroy property (get this) because they are happy, while others may destroy property because they are sad. Same Game, right? Now, is it the game that created these different emotions? Or is it how the individuals CHOSE to think about the game?

Think about that a lot! Life-is-Choice, choose to create the life you want...


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