Tuberculosis Causes And Symptoms And Home Remedy Guide To Get Rid Of Tuberculosis
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Tuberculosis is a very distressing disease, and it used to be a very major cause of death until about a century ago. However, now with improved medicinal measures, the disease has been brought under control and now tuberculosis is not as dangerous as it once used to be.

Tuberculosis is a bacterial infection of the lungs. It is caused due to the bacteria Mycobacterium tuberculosis which generally affects the lungs. The symptoms of tuberculosis aggravate with time. In the beginning, there is a hacking sort of cough, which later develops into chest pain, prolonged coughing and then bringing out blood with the cough. Other symptoms then set in such as fever, chills, sweating in the nights, loss of appetite and weight loss.

Causes of Tuberculosis

  1. Unhealthy living style
  1. Low body resistance

  2. Dietetic errors

  3. Living in stuffy rooms

  4. Loss of sleep

  5. Exposure to cold

Home cure for Tuberculosis

  1. Tuberculosis is curable in its early stages. The patients should adopt an all-fruit diet for 7 days.

  2. Avoid bananas, tinned and dry fruits.

  3. Later follow fruit and milk diet for 4-6 weeks. Begin with a liter of milk on the first day, and increase it by a liter everyday till you have reached 2 1/2 liters. Then the below mentioned diet should be followed.

  4. Breakfast – Milk, fruits, prunes or dried fruits.

  5. Lunch – whole wheat bread, steamed vegetables and buttermilk.

  6. Dinner – Whole-wheat bread and butter, raw salad and cooked apple.

  7. Bed Time – Glass of milk.

  8. Custard apple is an excellent food remedy with rejuvenating power for Tuberculosis. Boil custard apple pulp and seedless raisins in water. Filter it when 1/3rd of water is left. Add sugar candy, cardamom and cinnamon before consuming.

  9. Gooseberry is beneficial and promotes vigor and vitality. A tablespoon each of fresh Gooseberry and honey every morning is extremely beneficial.

  10. Regular use of radish is an excellent home remedy.

  11. The patient should get plenty of fresh air, sunshine and sleep.

  12. Water Treatment – A neutral immersion bath for an hour everyday is very healing.

  13. Yoga, slow massage and deep breathing are also effective.

Get Rid of Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis is a wind-borne disease. It is transmitted from an infected person to another in the following manner:-

  1. Coughing

  2. Sneezing

  3. Spitting

  4. Discharging mucus

  5. Kissing

Hence, in order to prevent tuberculosis, one must take extreme caution in public places. The people who themselves are carriers of tuberculosis must not venture out of their houses to prevent the risk of spreading the disease to others. Also the clothes, utensils, etc. of the patient must be carefully disinfected and must strictly not be used by other healthy members.It is the responsibility of the patient to spread the risk of others in the vicinity spreading the disease.

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