Tummy Exercise
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With the obesity epidemic affecting thousand of people around the globe, the stomach has been identified as the most dangerous and potent store of fat.

Adipose tissues are most found around the stomach, subcutaneous fat. Hence any extra energy (calorie) you intake is immediately converted to fat around the tummy area.

Unfortunately, this trouble spot is one of the toughest regions to lose weight from. This is because; tummy fat is broken down last whenever you lose weight. Hence tummy fat is the greatest bane of obese people going through a weight loss regime.

Diet restrictions like cutting down on salt, carbohydrates and sugar-laden food , eating smaller meals and avoiding fats do not really burn tummy fat. This only helps burn the top most layer of adipose tissue and gives you the illusion of a thinner stomach.

The best way to flatten your tummy is only by doing exercises. Some of the best known tummy exercises are,


Crunches involve pressing against your stomach. They must be accompanied along with rhythmic breathing exercises for best results. They are one of the best known tummy exercises.

• Lie flat on the floor; and make sure that your back rests on the ground. • With your hands right behind your ears, bring up both your knees at an angle of 45 degrees preferably. • Now do a bicycle pedaling kind of motion with your feet. • Breathe in an evenly relaxed manner during the entire exercise.

There are five types of crunches specially classified as “Tummy Exercises”

• Abdominal Crunch To tone the muscles of the abdominal wall

• Bench Crunch This specially focuses on the upper abdomen and reduces flab.

• Weighted Crunch This high intensity exercise is aimed at developing a strong midsection

• Straight-Arm Crunch This stresses the upper portion of the abdomen and gives you a firm tummy.

• Side Bends (weighted) This targets the oblique muscles, best for waist reduction

• Reverse Crunch (weighted) This crunch aids in the development of a greater posture and shapes the waist.

Cardio Exercises as a Tummy Exercise

It is now scientifically proven that cardio is the best way to reduce weight. This is because; it burns more calories than any exercise, does not demand a caloric restriction and eliminates worries of injuries or over training.

There is no “Best” cardio exercise and each one is effective depending on the period and regularity of exercise. Some examples are,

• Aerobics: 340 calories • Riding a bike: 238 calories • Swimming: 270 calories • Walking 4 mph: 170 calories • Running 5 mph: 270 calories

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Tummy Exercise


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